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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Stunning Frocks: Traditional Lace beauty - designer Ziad Nakad

Hello there Gorgeous people!
What a lovely day outside and we're soooo glad to be back blogging right at your door!
Its been quite a year isnt it? Apologies for the MIA -- our founder/Creative director mommy delivered a healthy baby boy in Feb! but no fret.. we're back for good now and we got loadssss to catchup!!

Today's amazing designs are none other than the fabulous Lebanese designer Ziad Nakad. We can’t think of any designer when comes to these ultra gorgeous beauties. Nakad’s designs are most favorites of traditional brides who simply love head to toe lace and princess brides with affection for romance and ball weddings. Their designs are typified by their distinctive cuts and creative mix of materials and colors, with keen attention shown to even the tiniest detail.  Truly mesmerizing, everything about romance are embodied in these designs..sweeping ball gowns adorned with sequins and lace appliques, ethereal mermaid gowns with flowing ruffles — all about dreamy, romantic and exquisitely elegant. 
Dress above, strapless ball gown. Below, with off-the-shoulder long sleeves.
Scroll along for more of these gorgeous look!
ziad nakad 2013 wedding dress long sleeves close up bodice
ziad nakad 2013 wedding dress long sleeves

ziad nakad 2013 2014 wedding dress strapless color close up bodice