Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Creatives Tuesdays: DIY Moss Table Numbers

diy moss table number
Hello loves! We're so excited with this week's CT! Cos we got so many new ideas and we know outdoor / garden weddings has been an ongoing trend these days! Yes! It has been!
Forget about cold weather or with the coming winter.. its all about greens greens greens!!
Infact we have seen some indoor weddings with outdoor / gardenish elements! 
This time we have Jenny from Hank and Hunt to share how to make these eye-catching moss-covered table numbers. The beauty of being creative is you could always use the numbers alone on the table, or perhaps add a lil extra notch by adding other floral details or perhaps placing the numbers under a bell jar as seen below! 
So what are we waiting for? lets begin!
Jenny was saying that as the temperatures cool, somehow brides are warming to the idea to have outdoors wedding d├ęcor whether indoors or perhaps in the patio. The feeling of hacing greens surrounding us , with easy moss wrapped number resembles a tiny topiary gracing your table which is a perfect addition to a fall wedding.
For this project, you will need:
  • large bell jar
  • wood numbers (to fit bell jar)
  • bamboo skewers
  • wood disks
  • instant Green Moss sheets
  • kitchen scissors
Step 1: Cut skewers to 3” using the inside part of the kitchen scissors. Then, hot glue to the back of the wood numbers, be sure to adjust for straightness.
Step 2. Moss comes in large rolls with a mesh on the back. Therefore you need to cut a small sheet large enough to overlap around the number. Do trim around the edges, leaving enough to wrap the number.
Step 3. Wrap the edges and secure moss down with hot glue underneath, trimming and pulling as needed. If it starts to move on you on a few of the trickier numbers, feel free to tack down the front of the number with a few dots of hot glue first. For curves and corners, cut the overlap to the edges with slits. Add small pieces or chunks of moss and glue to fill in holes on the back.
Step 4. While holding the number vertical, hot glue the bottom of the skewer to the center of the wood disk to make a stand.
Step 5. Cut a piece of moss to cover the base of the bell jar and trim to fit. Cut a radius slit from the edge to the center to slip in the number stand.
Step 6. Secure the number to the center with hot glue. Add the moss base over it and tack down edges with hot glue. If you plan to reuse the bell jar,dont worry because the hot glue will come off easily later.
Step 7. Place the top over the jar and repeat with remaining numbers. Tadaa!! you're done!
The moss wrap technique will work for any base of your choice, think about incorporating into a floral centerpiece or tacking to the top of a interesting collection. Use variety of objects, such as ribbon or fabric or wooden base, to hide the base of the number.They would be equally gorgeous as initials or a grouping to say hello on the escort table. :)

Credits: Moderated by Inspirasi SA via source Ruffled Blog.

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