Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Creatives Tuesday: DIY Paper Flowers Arch

diy paper flower arch
Ola loves! We got a lil obsession going on in the Creatives department today!! We just cant get enough of paper flowers!! We know paper flowers is quite a hit these days in weddings and we are pretty sure you DIY brides are wondering how its made! 
So without further due, we gona share with you the step by steps thanks to Sweet Sunday Events and EE Photography We're so excited that they were kind enough to provide us these awesome tutoria!l Scroll on to read more!
paper arch diy supplies
First, lets get what you need for this project:
Tools you need:

  • coffee filters
  • tissue paper (cut in approximately 5×5 squares)
  • scissors
  • stapler
Step 1: Fold three coffee filters in half to make a crease down the center.
coffee filter craft ideas
Step 2: Create a ball of tissue paper out of one of the tissue sheets.
coffee filter craft ideas
Step 3: Take the same color and cover the ball. Twist the bottom to look like a lollipop.
coffee filter craft ideas
coffee filter craft ideas
coffee filter craft ideas
Step 4: Staple the “stick end” of the lollipop to the creased, center of the coffee filter.
coffee filter craft ideas
Step 5: After stapling the center, carefully lift each layer one by one.
paper flower arches
paper flower arches
Step 6: Then flip the flower and staple the back of the flower together.
coffee filter craft ideas
Taddaaa! A paper flower!
Then repeat all steps creating as many flowers you need.coffee filter craft ideas
paper flower arch
Step 7: To create the floral arch, simply use a hot glue gun to adhere the flowers to each other in your desired shape. Feel free to intersperse paper cupcake liners as well — straight out of their containers — for some added texture. 
Also you may dye the paper flowers to break up the whiteness. 

Step 8: Once your arch is fully shaped, use heavy duty fishing line to hang from the ceiling or from screws.

Credits: Moderated by Inspirasi SA source Ruffled Blog ::
Vendors: Shoot Location: Austin, TX / Photographer: EE Photography / Floral Design, Styling, and Rentals: Sweet Sunday Events / Shoot Venue: The Union on Eighth / Models: Zephyr Talent / Hair and Makeup: Summer Edwards / Wedding Cake: Paige’s Bakehouse / Paper Goods: The Stationery Bakery

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