Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Decor Ideas: Lacey beauties Galore

Timeless & classic, lace has always been a symbol of love to us. Its material full of meaning; representing romance and demure will always be a romantic bride's favorite. Whats not to love about lace, its delicate and feminine features add a pretty softness to any atmosphere. Over the years, celebrities to Royalties (especially the Royal Wedding) with  the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge showcased her ultra classy lace accented dress, the fabric has tripled in popularity, more than ever. And they can be the most vintage item ever yet looking ever so classy at the same time! We just simply love how versatile lace is, as you can find it present in anything from the decor to the invites, to tablescapes to the dress. Sigh lace is a beauty we simply love!

(Source Lavender & Ash) 
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