Sunday, July 7, 2013

Vintage Weekends (Stunning Frocks): Mesmerizing fabulous by Inbal Dror

Ola sweeties! We're back from our one week break and its been awesome week so far!! We hoped yours as as exciting as us too! This week we'd like to bring you these to-die for collection from Inbal Dror Paris 2013! And they have everything from retro to romance written all over! Cant gush enough, these elegant gowns are over-the-top gorgeous down to every last detail... Everything about them is full of whimsical, unique, glamorous and sophistication nonetheless! Whats not to go gugugaga over their vintage details such as lace, florals & tulle. Perfection retro combo! Now lets scroll below to see more! 
More stunning beauties for your eyes! 

Totally stunning back!! Below check out the fine Chantilly lace and cute pockets sewn to the dress!! Aha! here's a brilliant idea...

A perfect  inspiration from the 50s, each gown symbollizes its own unique story. We are so in love how retro lace makes its grace... A true beauty love!
Moderated by Inspirasi SA via source Belle

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