Friday, July 19, 2013

Fab fridays (Real Loves): Mi Amore Mi adore

Ola lovelies!! Its a pretty day outside & we hope you are enjoying your day. Whats more cos its friday woot wooot! The magic of weekend is finally here after a long fasting week! tgif!!
Today's fab fridays posting we're all about Spanish L.OV.E. We are so convinced that Spanish magic dust just fell from the sky... why? Cos this wedding we are featuring today is a whole lot of love & romance!! 
These magic combo we can thank the talent of Brooke Images, which has awesomely captured one of the classical perfect wedding like this one. Pictures shows a thousand words. We reckon they spelled out 'Spanishly Beautiful' from head to toe, from scenery to the bride and nonetheless the wedding reception – we're all swept away... aren't you?
The wedding took place in a beautiful place in Amelia Island, Florida. The magnificent of spanish moss was all around the venue place and the wedding instantly become a magical affair. It was the bride, Lisa who loves spanish moss, and having being photographed romantically under the beautiful Spanish made the newlyweds over the moon. 
Their wedding was organised by Destination Planning which did an awesome job with the reception. Their theme consist of spanish romance with a touch of vintage charm,  with the hanging decor installed rustic chandeliers and how each place setting name is written in calligraphy on paper doilies.. They set up the the tables family-style, spanning almost the whole length of the reception room…feeling full yet so romantic! Sigh yet so gorgeous!!  

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