Friday, June 21, 2013

Fab Fridays (Real Loves) A fairytale Never Ending by Mindy Weiss

Spectacular!! ..That was our first impression, the moment we laid eyes on today's Fab Fridays posting  gorgeous fabulous reception from the other side of the world.. Montecito California. Like a fantasy world, the decors are made beautifully to jive with this dreamy concept. Instantly it felt like a fairytale celebration straight from a Disney Fantasy book...Kudos to event planner Mindy Weiss for this amazing design!

The affair started as a sunset walk down the aisle to a beautiful reception filled with white drapes & tulles along with hanging lanterns you just cant find anywhere. We fell in love with the lanterns!! Its tooo dreamy... Everything about this event portrayed a whimsical feel in such beautiful ambiance. We just cant stop feeling goosebumps...Nonetheless the fantasy garden outdoor themed reminds us of a lil bit of Alice in Wonderland while the lights remind us more of Beauty and the beast. It was definitely one affair to remember..
Scroll more to see.. and you wont stop ggooogoogaagaga ing too..

Moderated by Inspirasi SA, event designer Mindy Weiss via SMP

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