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Creatives Tuesdays: DIY Ombre Sand Decor

Hello sweeties! Yippie yay Creatives team are back for the week! Who loves to go to beach?
Pls raise your hands... 
We super love everything about the beach.. beach weddings are sooo romantic.. and of course the sounds of ocean crashing waves.. the peacefulness.. the satin silky sands within our toes as we soaked under the sun…Not forgetting the serenity air breeze too! Sigh.. aren't we a beach fan!! So this week, beach brides, we would like to bring the beach to your wedding!.. 
Wedding decors with beach influence is super cool! So, here is one quick and super easy way to embellish a simple substance like sand and create new color into it right into your very own beach themed wedding!
DIY ombre colored sand with food coloring

  • play sand (do not steal dirty sand from the beach, that’s gross and it has bugs in it)
  • neon or regular liquid style food coloring – the color in this tutorial is neon pink, 
  • cheap spoon
  • glass container for mixing
  • candles, 
  • and your choice of glass candle holders.
Are you ready now? Lets begin!
DIY ombre colored sand with food coloring
Step 1
Start by adding a large amount of sand to your glass mixing container. Do note that glass bowls will not discolor when using food coloring, other containers might! 
Which is also why we recommend the candle holders or jars you put this sand in should be glass if you are going to reuse them
Dont forget, the candles themselves can also discolor if set in the colored sand for too long – Make sure, burn them and you won’t have an issue! Then add a nice amount of your desired color of food coloring, like 15 drops…

Step 2
Using your cheap spoon, mix – mix – mix. It will start out chunky at first but keep mixing and mixing until the sand and color are combined and smooth.
DIY ombre colored sand with food coloring
Step 3 
Since this will be the darkest layer of sand for the ombre, you may be needed to add more drops of food coloring to this first batch. The depth of color is completely up to you, if you feel like you’ve made it too dark, mix in a little more plain sand – if it’s still too light, add more food coloring. The awesome part here is the variation in color is your choice!
DIY ombre colored sand with food coloring
Image below is the darkest layer completed. Isn’t it pretty?
DIY ombre colored sand with food coloring
Step 4
Now the darkest layer is ready, pour them into your glass containers! 
Pls Note: the images below are a perfect example of how staining this type of food coloring can be – the spoon become bright pink color and still is after washing! So, use a spoon that you DO NOT care about! See that the glass mixing bowl however is unaffected.
DIY ombre colored sand with food coloring
Step 5
Now for layer two, which is slightly lighter color… by repeating the same steps above… add color and stir!
DIY ombre colored sand with food coloring
Step 6
See how perfect this color is!Now you can add the second color to your sand jars.
DIY ombre colored sand with food coloring
Step 7
Now let's move onto the third colored layer… Again, same steps… but working lighter still…
DIY ombre colored sand with food coloring
See how beautiful this bright pink food coloring tinted the sand so beautifully…
DIY ombre colored sand with food coloring
Now it looks so romantic!! Light up and enjoy! We're feeling beach now!
DIY ombre colored sand with food coloring
The awesome part about being DIY, you don’t have to layer your ombre… you can individually color batches of sand and place them in their own jars all over your reception… this ombre need not be confined to one container and only three shades – the sky is the limit!
DIY ombre colored sand with food coloringDIY ombre colored sand with food coloring
You can use these decors for weddings, bridal showers or perhaps parties which you love to get your hands on.. Its easy & simple and no hassle at all! Happy Crafting brides!

DIY CREDITS :: Moderated by Inspirasi SA :: Source Something Turquoise :: Photography by Studio 11 :: DIY tutorial by: Jen Something Turquoise :: play sand 50 lb bag $6: Lowe’s :: glass candle holders and candles from Michaels :: glass batter bowl by Pampered-Chef ::  cheap plastic serving fork $1from Party City :: McCormick’s Neon Food Coloring: Pavillions :: nail polish: OPI Ski Teal We Drop :: 

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