Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Creative Tuesdays: DIY Tissue Paper Flower Backdrop

Ola loves! Its great to be back this week.. we're so excited that we have more new tuorials coming your way and.. they're quite easy to create!! Thanks for the feedbacks and we looove more suggesstions of DIYs from you! So if there is any request, you can email us at info@Songketaffairs.com!
For today's Creative Tuesdays we're happy to bring you Jenny from Hank & Hunt  to share her awesome DIY tutorial. And today she’s teaching us how to make a low-budget, high-impact paper flower backdrop! Sounds interesting right?? We love the idea of playing around with colors and perhaps by adding patterns to fit the feel of your wedding day perfectly.These beautiful creations can make the perfect backdrop for a dessert table or perhaps as your photobooth backgound. It works great for a casual kinda soiree. So brides, are your ready to get creative today? Lets grab those tools and start on! 
Jenny of Hank & Hunt explains "the best part about this backdrop is its portability. Ever wonder how they manage to move those huge photobooth backdrops? Or even how they set them up when you have a million and one other things to be doing on THE day of. The solution is this fun yet modern take on the traditional kid’s art project, a tissue paper backdrop. It’s cheap, it’s light and it’s fully customizable. I’m obsessed with deep blues lately and stayed solid, but think about doing patterns or watercolor styles with it.
For each board, tools you need:
-white foam core board
-pack of 20×30″ 24 sheet fold of tissue paper
-roll of double stick tape
-empty water bottle
Lets begin!
Before you start, simply multiply your list by the number of boards you want; I made four. Each board takes about 30-45 mins depending on how fast you are; the first usually takes the longest. Perhaps you can bring together your bridesmaids to get them to help you out! Psst.. you can bribe them with drinks later!diy tissue paper backdrop
Step 1: Unwrap the fold of tissue paper, keep stacked and cut 6″x6″ squares. Don’t worry about being exact, it doesn't matter at all… yet another beauty of this project.

Step 2Take your board and make a row of double stick tape across the short side of the board. Take your squares and loosen them up from each other — this makes it faster to pick up while pressing.
Step 3: Take one square and center it over the top of the water bottle and press down. Remember the pencil eraser trick from elementary school? Just like that, but we’re working bigger.

Step 4: Hold the paper in place, flip and press into the tape. Presto. Repeat this down the entire line of tape.
Step 5: Add another row using the same technique about 1-2″ over, depending on how dense you want the backdrop to be. Repeat step until the board is covered.
Step 6: Repeat on as many other boards as you want.
Step 7. Hang your first board square to where you want it to start and use two small nails to hold it up. For some venues which are anti-holes, you can use command strips if you need to. They are super light and it doesn’t take much to hold them up. Now that the first one is up, just line up additional boards, tack into place, fluff the lines and you have an instant backdrop with minimal setup time at the location.

Tadaa! here's your masterpiece ready!
Just imagine if we had made this ombre version. So beautiful!The light plays off the different corners of the paper and is really pretty even in a solid color. Perfect for a simple shower or party as well. We know photograpers would love this as they can carry one around for some detail shots!
Moderated by Inspirasi SA ; source Ruffled  :: Project and images by Jenny Batt of Hank Hunt via Ruffled blog ::

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