Friday, March 29, 2013

Fab Fridays (Vintage Ideas): Mismatched Decor Fabulous

Hello dearies!! Having an awesome day? we sure hope so cos its Friday woot woot! Happy TGIF.. and today's Fab Fridays posting we want to bring unique decors to the table. yes.. forget about matchy matchy & plain jane.. this time we bring you the newest trend in weddings! Mismatched!
We know too much uniformity and repetition can be very boring, so we thought to feast your eyes on something we rarely seen in weddings, our latest obsession for mismatched table settings!
You see, these beautiful set ups are still ever classy & offer enough similarities to be considered of the same style, but totally different enough to allow for some creativity and excitement for the eyes.
The trick is create a similar theme and play with colors surrounding it.. Gorgeous arent they? What do you think of these mismatched table setting?
For example you can use similar vintage designed plates & yet create a romance similar feel for your table decor setting!
 Same designs in different colours too can make your wedding unique & fantabulous!
So love, these ideas are so great for weddings, on the other hand, you may also apply these for any other functions such as dinner parties or events.. its too simple but totally beautiful!
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