Friday, January 11, 2013

Fab Fridays (Flower Power) Love for Pastels

We are sooo head over heels on these lovely palettes below.. Yes yes! Surely Pastel colors have been creating headlines in weddings, making em one of the most permanent colors most in demand for weddings all year long!  Having pastels for wedding had been a priviiledge...From bride's accessories to attire to shoes... to decor.. to flowers... to decor decisions, bouquet making and the cake too!! Whats not to love about pastel? We love love the subtlity of pastel softness! Reminds us more of the past in a way beautful memories!! 
Pastels are much all rounder color, to the fact that its so versatile; it fits well to any theme or style, and perhaps giving the extra fabulous touch when mixed with other pastel colors.Also pastel shines best when to complement the vintage or rustic themes look, ultimately it makes it more valuable...and sophisticated altogether! So, we know you brides are anxious to see more of pastel inspiration. scroll below to see more of pastels; from flowers to dresses to anything we ca think off!!


What do you think these  color schemes? Sigh sigh
Moderated by Inspirasi SA source Lavender & Ash

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