Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Creatives Tuesdays: DIY GLitzy Glam Centrepieces

Hi sweeties!! Its been awhile since we last updated our Creatives Side!! Well.. this time we're back with more more DIY treats for you!! For today's DIY Creative; we’ve got another fabulous project featuring La Lune Events. (Thanks Apple Brides!) Have you checked out our The Golden Era from Vintage Weekends post? Got the idea? We want to bring you some inspiration on how to create a serious glamour reception by being thrifty. Who says glitz and glam has to be all expensive?
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With the upcoming festive holiday season, we thought this would be an awesome DIY project for you brides out there. So for this project, these ladies from La Lune Events used basic gold glitter, and later experimented with some specialty glitters/glitter sprays. In the end we love love the results!! So, what we waiting for? Let's begin!!

The Must Haves:
  • An assortment of glass vases of varying sizes – (can get em at thrift , diy shops)
  • Glitter
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Clear Spray Paint
  • Gold (color preference here) Spray Paint
  • Newspaper
  • Rubber Gloves
Step 1: Frist, prep the glassware by giving them a good wash and dry. Make sure they're all dried properly before you start anything. Then, lay them out on newspaper and put on the rubber gloves.
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Step 2: Start by spraying the inside of the vase with Gold Spray Paint. Make sure you don’t hold the nozzle too close, or else you may get big drip lines (which is not nice looking). If you’re okay with that, then go proceed on! When done, give it a few minutes to dry.
Step 3: Once the inside is well dried, spray the outside with Spray Adhesive, giving it a good coating.
Step 4: Carefully coat the outside with glitter – it is recommended doing this by hand, rather than rolling the case in a pile of glitter. If you need to re-spray areas with adhesive and add more glitter that’s okay.
Step 5: Then, begin to spray glittered surface with clear Spray Paint – this helps keep all the glitter on the vase, and not in every nook and cranny of your life. Again, let it dry for a few minutes.
Step 6: Yay its done! Now you may fill em' with flowers, candles, branches or any other festive thing you can dream up!
Credits: Moderated by Inspirasi SA; source Apples Bride

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