Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Creatives Tuesday: DIY Pretty Bunting

Aloha sweets!! Today's DIY Creatives we're calling all bridesmaids! Today's Creatives Team, we'd  like to share with you these super useful pretty lil things designed by The Pretty blog to help prettify that Bridal Shower that you're planning for!  This awesome bunting will brighten up any shower, and set a wonderful tone for what’s to follow. Two colour schemes are highlighted here, one that’s very colourful and one thats a bit toned down. The following are instructions on how to begin!

Instructions for bunting:


What you may need:

Scissors, rope (or anything pretty to hang the bunting from) and your printed circles.

Step 1

Print your bunting on strong A3 paper; however if you want them to be a little smaller you can print them to A4.

Step 2

Cut all the circles out and fasten them to your rope. You may use binder clips, or  anything from pegs to paperclips. Also you may punch holes in them, and then slide the rope through. Now you just need to hang them somewhere – easy-as-pie. Good luck!


Almost Married – Colourful
Almost Married – Gray
Amper Getroud – Kleurvol

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