Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Creative Tuesdays: DIY Paper Peonies

Peonies are amongst our favorites in the whole flowers kingdom. Wild look yet full of sophistication. We find them most proming elegance ever in various important occasions like weddings & such.. With so many in shapes and colors, peonies crafting is no easy task. But once its mastered, they become an exquisite piece no bride can ever imagine. So, today's DIY Creatives, we came up with a lil making for peonies tutorial for you DIY brides. Courtesy by Lia from Ellinee is showing us how these are made using text weight paper called Strawberry from Paper Source to make this flower.
Handmade paper peony flowerThings you will need: 
  • Peonies template prints
  • Text weight paper (your choice of colors)
  • Scissors & cutters
  • hot glue gun
  • florist tape
Ready? let's begin!

Step 1

Print the peonies template onto the text weight paper you got. You may choose whatsoever color your prefer for your flower. Tips: use grey or lighter printing ink to create a soft look.

Step 2 & 3

Fringe layers and trim all petals as per template. Make sure you group them together (according steps) to avoid confusion which petal goes for which sides.   

Step 4, & 5

Now, when done, trim 6 inch folded floral wire, and glue at the end of layer 1 onto the trimmed wire.

Step 6 & 7

This is the simple task, roll onto the wire & glue them as you go. Fold the other layers 2 & 3 like Fan (fan fold) with 4 folds.

Step 8 & 9

After this glue layers 2 and then 3 around the wire stem, matching the height of layer 1 earlier. Using the edge of your scissors, curl layer 4 petals until satisified.

Step 10 - 12

Glue tabs into center to form a cup shape. This is for the outer flower cup layer. Then, glue all layer 4 petals onto outside of the petal layers. Continue to curl the layer of 5 petals using the edge of scissors and glue them onto center. Yippie! You're almost done!

Step 13 - 14

Lastly, wrap wire stem with florist wire until end. Trim stem and curl wire as needed to finish. There you go, your very own DIY lovely Peony!

How to make a Paper Peony
Do it yourself paper peony
Moderated by Inspirasi SA for DIY Creatives via Ellinee

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