Thursday, September 6, 2012

IB#263: Pure Magic

There is one thing elegant about the purple palette weddings; they're deep, classy and full of sophistication. Its purple, the color of some royals.. the Color of the Mystic.the color of Magic! Maybe some of us may not be aware, whenever we see cartoons with magical powers; without fail; the color purple would be the color used! Remember Sleeping beauty Evil Malaficient? Purple cloak.. purple powers, Snow white Evil purple attire.. Cinderella Stepmother... purple gown! more, Little Mermaid Evil Villant... Purple Octopus too and not forgetting Cinderella Fairy godmother ....purple robe too! Haha.. so basically purple is associated with mystic power... and (mostly evil**) But in weddings, they're on the opposite meaning they  symbollizes the power and the spirit of love which unites the bride and groom. Most wedding lightings involved purple too! So basically... purple transforms magic!!. And....checkout the overview weddding above.. see how awesome purple has become??
So whimsical and dreamy isnt it?

Mood: magic, whimsical & dreamy, spirit of love, deep, classy & sophisticated
Season: Autumn, spring
Colors: Purple, amethyst, lavender, lilac, isbelline, rose quartz, thistle, wisteria, heliptrope
Photos: Credits, moderated by Inspirasi SA :: Top left to right :: Reception decor - transparent setting by photography Davina Plus Daniel; styling events by Principal Planner :: Flower by Preston Bailey :: Bride; gown by Ersa Atelier via Wed Inspirasi :: Cake by Bobbette and belle ; styling byPrincipal Planner  :: Candy buffett table purple theme by :: Overview wedding reception Montral; styling event by Principal Planner ::  

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