Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Creatives Tuesdays: DIY Teacup Candles

Hi Sweeties! We hope you're having an awesome week! Apology for the delay postings this week as our team were caught up behind the scenes with the upcoming mag editing! Back to our weekly DIY inspiration, this week project we'd like to feature more on personalized favors and touches you can apply on your special day. Sometimes, the best DIY items are the ones which you had poured your heart and soul into making it. So, with a lil bit of creativity and basic items, you're all set to begin!
These DIY Teacup Candles are amongst soft and feminine features which are perfect for those into feminine decor in bridal tea party or shower. Also they're great as lovely gifts as well. With "just nice" size, just nestle them in small boxes and wrap in a ribbon and you get the perfect guest favor! So brides, are you ready?

Supplies You Need:

1. Candle Thermometer
2. Soy Wax Flakes
3. Wick & Sustainer
4. Wooden Skewers
5. Candle Color Blocks
6. Teacup & saucer set

Step 1

First, pour desired amount of wax into a pot. Place candle thermometer and wax into a double boiler and melt the wax until temperature reaches approximately 150 degrees. Then, add candle color blocks to the hot wax until your desired hue is achieved (for our cloud blue candle we used blue and a touch of green color block, and for our pink candle we used just a hint of red color block)

Step 2

Next: By setting wick & sustainer into a teacup so that the wick is in the center, and place wooden skewers on either side of the wick to keep it in place. Gently pour your colored wax into the teacup. Important Note: It’s a good idea to prep your teacup first by dipping it into a hot water bath and patting dry before filling it with the hot wax.

Step 3

Let the wax cool off and then cut the wick to 1/2″. The best part of making these, the varieties of color that you can create are endless!! And if you like, you can add lil fragrancea as well into the candle too! So, enjoy the candle making loves!

Credits: Moderated by Inspirasi SA source Wedding Chicks

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