Friday, August 24, 2012

Stunning Frocks: Belle of the ball by Ersa Atelier

Gorgeous! OMG we just cant help it droooooling all the way instantly!! Fashionable yet so sophisticated;  this bridal collection from Ersa Atelier 2013 is the epitome of glamour wrapped up in layers and layers of tulle, crystal and pretty things. Inspired by Russian aristocratic elegant and glamorous style, Ersa Atelier Collection has taken vintage fitted-gowns to a whole new level of luxury ever. The ideal of these designs is that they successfully bringing such classy mix into these spectacular ball-gowns collection.  They're tooo gorgeous not to be included in this week SF!
 The detailings are absolutely mesmerizing. Browse below to see more of their 2013 collection...
Inspiration for the malay brides!

Credits: Inspirasi by SA Source Belle

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