Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Creatives Tuesdays: DIY Rhinestones Encrusted Pumps

Hello loves!! Happy tuesdays!! DIY team is back and cant wait to bring on today's post!
Which brides doesnt love Bling bling pumps?  And today's post we'd like to share on how to make your very own rhinestones encrusted heels. Thanks to Danielle for showing us these easy peasy steps.
So, forget about slurging so much for a pair heels when you can actually create your very own version! 
According to Danielle, you really don’t need much to make these (other than lots of patience *lol) . Although it may seems like forever to pull it off such a craft, dont be surprise how fast they come together when u start getting your hands on em'. The supplies you may need are 3mm crystal rhinestones, beeswax, a chopstick or q-tip and E600 glue. Let's begin!

Here's tips while working on the shoes, it was discovered that coating the tip of a chopstick with beeswax and then using the tip to pick up the rhinestones worked much easier than a q-tip so its suggested doing it that way. Also note that, do special order the rhinestones from your craft store. Reasons being because you may need way more packs of rhinestones than they have in the store at one time and it usually takes one shipment in a week. Moreover, another tip when gluing the heels, work from the front side of the shoe to the back. After that, work around the toe, since its the trickiest area due to the curves and the fact that shoes did have a crease where the shoe ended and the platform began.
The art to make this awesome is patience. Thus, continue until the whole shoe is covered and repeat on the other shoe. When finish, store them in separate plastic bags that came with the shoes in their box so they don’t rub against one another.and Voila! you got a fabulous shoe to go party with!

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