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Wicked Wed: Bizarre Weddings

Hi sweets! Yay! Wicked Wed has returned with more exciting posts! Today's post we want to bring you an uncommon wedding which is quite rare amongst us.
Wedding Day is one of the most important days in one’s life, and this day is a bride's biggest day ever as she has probably been planning this day ever since the day she got engaged. And most certainly is the last thought for a bride to show such horrific personality.
However, to some people, a normal wedding seems to be plain and not exciting enough. Therefore they came up with totally bizarre ideas to do their wedding. Dont be surprise, some even choose horrifying zombie costumes over beautiful wedding dresses, and some dresses up childishly like superheroes. What we dont expect is the heart attack they gave to the families for their 'brilliant' idea.
So, we have made the list consisting 18 craziest and most bizarre wedding themes ever, on ordinary terms: 18 weddings that you would never want to have for yourself.

1. Halloween Wedding

One Halloween a year seem not creepy enough for them, so they made their wedding day to turn into another scary one. Sounds fun? Of course it does, only if the bride is Christina Aguilera.
Source diy flowers
 2. Zombie Wedding
With hollywood movies highlighting more on Zombies, they are probably the last thing you would want to see at a wedding, especially  at your own wedding! However apparently, this couple have another idea. They chose to waste a lot of time and money on makeup and costumes to make themselves look exactly like they’d just stepped out of a graveyard on their third wedding. Every time they broke up, they got married again. Given their choice for the wedding theme, we can understand why their relationship has that much drama.

3. Gothic Wedding

Gothic brides remind us of the animation movie 'A Corpse Bride' which is dark, scary & horrifying. When it comes to wedding, perhaps it can be much cooler compared to Zombie and Halloween wedding. Then again, not!
Source de clubz

4. Underwater Wedding

Unique and definitely a newcoming trend, an underwater 5 meters wedding was held for Italian couples by MARES S.p.A. (Italy) which becomes the officially world’s largest underwater wedding with 261 divers  at the Morcone beach, Capoliveri, Elba Island, Italy in June 2010. Funny part is - with snorkels and all the diving gears, somehow they still managed to kiss.
Source Boncherry

5. Skydiving Wedding

Since happiness comes so high during weddings, we figure there is no better way to have a  marriage on a high than having a skydiving wedding! On the other hand, it also provides you an ultimate exit option out of your marriage. If you suddenly regret, just don’t open the parachute. Lol.

6. Cliff Hanging Wedding

Oddly, people like to do crazy things together. Suspended from a cliff by sling wires, 4 Thai couples said, ‘I do’ in a ‘flying wedding’ ceremony to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Quite adrenalin junkie wedding right? Definitely not recommended for brides who want to wear fancy wedding dresses on their “big day”.
Source whats on

7. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Wedding

Every girl grows up dreaming of a Fairy Tale Wedding, wanting her ever afters.. and some literally made it happen! A Peter Pan and Tinkerbell wedding was done beautifully,with friends dressed-up as sailors / pirates from the movie.
Source: Wal you

8. Shrek Theme Wedding

Who knew Shrek, the ultimate love of green ogre love to Princess Fiona  can really touch a couple's heart so deep! This couple decided to have a wedding theme based on this popular animated movie, for the bride got dressed up like Princess Fiona while the groom as Shrek. Amazingly, the couple also looks so similar to the characters in the animation!
Source: walyou

9. Star Trek Wedding

A die-heart Star Trek fan’s dream to get married at the Enterprises and also had  guests to be the whole crew too. A couple actually had their dream come true in Las Vegas! What a weird sight of Star Trek wedding between a Vulcan groom and a Klingon bride.
Source cake wrecks

10. Star Wars Wedding

So the saying, if Star Trek can inspire a real-life wedding, there is no reason why Star Wars can't! So determined, this Ukrainian couple celebrated their unforgettable wedding, dressing up like characters Princess Leia & Luke Skywalker from the popular series of the 80s.
Source thechive

11. Lord of the Rings Wedding

Another wedding from the famous Lord of the rings movie. Inspired by true love of Arawen, Princess of Elves to Aragorn, this couple wed at a  top of the hill view similar to LOTR castle. The ring in this case is the ring that ties two human beings together for the rest of their lives. How many people can say Gandalf the White married them?
Source Chicagonow

12. Superman Wedding

Who doesnt grow up to love Superman, Marvel Comic's most adored superhero. For this couple, it took a lot of nerve for the for groom to wear the Superman’s signature underwear in public on their wedding day. It was Tony Lucchese and Sarah LaFore super-fantasy come true. They went all the way when planning their wedding, from costumed hero to Amazonian princesses outfit, and wedding vows straight out of Superman's character.
Source Manolo

13. Batman and Wonder Woman Wedding

Batman & Wonder Woman; another superheroes couple we grew up with. However we didn't expect this - it seems like a lot of people want to feel like superheroes on their wedding day! Sharon and Neil Vaughan decided to marry as Wonder Woman and Batman and they had their wedding party & guests too all dressed-up as super-heroes costumes! Sharon’s bridesmaids came as the PowerPuff Girls while other guests came as Superman, the Incredibles, Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, and Captain America. Haha!
Source daily mail

14. Cat Themed Wedding

This is yet another bizarre wedding we cant quite comprehend. Okay.. we get it why people want to look like superheroes on their wedding day. But.. why would someone want to look like an animal, (in this case, a cat) on their wedding day? Oddly, this Russian couple obviously has a different taste when comes to their wedding day!
Source Smile junkie

15. Hello Kitty Wedding

Don't be surprise, Hello Kitty & its franchise items are HUGE in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and some other Asia countries. They're like a fad as Hello Kitty merchandise can go from just few dollars to diamond phone casing worth thousands! So, we're definitely not surprise here. Good thing, at least the bride and the groom didn’t try to doll up themselves to look like the comic baby pink cat. lol.

16. Halo Game Wedding

We dont quite understand this way of wedding. We thought, once upon a time, a guy and a girl met online when they were playing a game and fell in love. And wedding comes in white & reality. However, to commemorate their fateful encounter, this couple Desirai Labrada, aka SickNdehed and John Henry decided to have a wedding based on that game. Nope, this isnt  a Korean drama. Kind geeky we thought.

Source: Walyou

17. Clown Wedding

Amongst the bizarre weddings we got today, this is one ultimate bizzare-ness! Dressed up like two clowns, this couple wed with  painted faces and guests too! Somehow ironanically they remind us of Joker from Batman. Hmm.. the bride and groom must have tried to prove that marriage is a joke.
Source Womansday

18. Weird Object Wedding

And we thought bizarre wedding couldnt get any weirder. These couple had those little drum-look-alike objects hanging around their heads and including every attendee in their wedding. Do you have any idea what are those? Neither do we.

Moderated by SA source: gadgether

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