Saturday, July 28, 2012

IB#248: Midnight Sophisticated

Ola sweets! We still fancy this week despite all the hecticness + lack of sleep for early 1st week of Ramadhan! Also mr flubug has returned so we hoped u guys stay germ -free from those affected. Here's to hoping 2nd week will be more breezier! And hows your week? U guys having a fab week too?
Back to this week IB - we thought we'd like to keep things simple with our popular palette  BLUE! Royal blue or midnight blue seems to be 2013 faves color. Brides just love the alluring and mystical feel coming from it.
Moreover complimentary colors like gold or silver or white works awesomely with this theme. Its quite elegant serenading the whole reception isnt it? Psstt brides  - here's tips to handle blue; Bold blooms colors can make your theme stands out - try the red roses at the pool decor above! Sexy and sophisticated Oui!

Mood: Sexy, alluring, mystical, sophisticated
Season: Autumn, winter
Colors: Midnight blue, royal blue, gold, silver, white,dark blue, persian blue, zaffre, sapphire, navy blue, ultramarine
Photos: Credits :: Top left to right ::  Bride - vintage accessory, photography by Davina Plus Daniel ; cinematography via Marrone Video, design via Principal Planner  :: Invite stationery, styling by Principal Planner via Style me Pretty :: Shoes by Enzio Angiolini via Brides :: Cake by Erica Obrien via Style me Pretty :: Bride - dress by Lazaro :: Newlyweds - background lightbulbs decor, by Abby Rose Photography via SMP :: Pool reception, via Green Apple Design Photography ::

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