Sunday, July 1, 2012

IB#238: Lustful Rainbow

Heloo sweeties! Yay its weekend! Its soooooo exciting another no-working day has arrived! Perhaps; due to our hectic days, this would be nice to chill right?...and what more can be with this new fancy theme of colors in our inspiration board for the day!
Who says we can't have varities of colors for the big day? Too many colors doesnt have to be cluttered or crowded if you have the right palette with the right theme. Actually it depends on how you manage these colors that your event will shine creatively & effortlessly. So brides; dont rule out the possibility of colorful soiree yet, cos' there is a way you can actually get away with it.

Tips to get create a Colorful Affair:
  1. Pick few colors that is contrast and bright.
  2. Then choose a few soft colors from the same bright pallete chosen earlier (to get it more snychronise, orderly) Example rainbow; how did rainbow managed to get away? Simple... the arrangement order speaks it all!
  3. Then ensure on your props & decors do not overshine the bride (unless you have a hot pink/color gown to outstand all).
Take note: If your props/decors are colorful enough; keep the backdrop simple or plain. One colorful section at a time. and voila! another fancy color wedding that can keep your guests talking for all time!

Mood: Exciting, cheerful, lively, lustful, fancy, fun
Season: Summer
Colors: Rainbow, colorful, ombre
Photos: Credits :: Top left to right :: Gown via Brides :: Favors :: Shoes & bouquet via Purple shoes :: Entrance by Flora :: Teacup decor centrepiece by EA designs :: Pelamin (dais), photography via Faris Fakri :: Ombre rainbow cake via Tumblr :: Centerpiece by Christian Oh Studio via Little Flowershop :: Paper colorful flowers decor via Martha Stewart :: Lighting :: Table props :: Desserts by Cookie bag via Weddingish via Martha Stewart ::

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