Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Creatives Tuesdays: DIY Sprinkle Decor Wedding Cake

Hi sweeties! We're back to DIY Creatives on Tuesdays! We sure hoped you guys havin' an awesome week. For today, we'd like to bring a lil treat for you DIY bride-bakers out there. First things first; having seeing the cake above actually makes us go drooling for such a simple lovely cake!! Who knew that such a simple DIY did the trick! Thanks to baker Erica Obrien for such a splendid tutorial.
To be honest, this cake is done perfectly in sprinkle simple method though. Who doesn't love the sprinkle for its confectionary prowess?  We just love love the brightly colored rainbow variety we get from most confectionary store. Since pastel sprinkles are so hard to find, she decided to make her own, and these are her DIY tutorial. Follow her steps for more!

Step 1: Items you may need (Clockwise from left):

  • food-use only ruler
  • small sprinkles or nonpareils (available at most crafts stores)
  • piping gel (available at most crafts stores)
  • tapemeasure
  • small flexible cup
  • petal dust in desired shade (we like Crystal Colors brand)
  • food-use only paintbrush
  • ziplock bag
Step 2: Remove shaker cap from sprinkles to speed pouring.
Step 3. Empty into ziplock bag.
 Step 4. Pour a small amount of petal dust into bag. (Dont worry- as you can always add more later, so start with a little first.)
Step 5. Shake the bag until dust is evenly distributed. If color is not dark enough, add more dust and repeat until desired depth of color is achieved.
 Step 6. Using tape measure, determine the spacing and width of stripes.
Step 7. Gently dip paintbrush in piping gel. 
Step 8. Using ruler as a guide to acheive a straight line, brush gently a generous amount of piping gel onto cake with short, even strokes.
Step 9. Repeat on the right side of line. Note:You want the gel to be thick enough for the nonpareils to stick but not too gloppy.

Step 10. Empty colored sprinkles into small cup. Remember, try not to touch them so as not to rub off the petal dust.
Step 11. Gently pour sprinkles onto cake. You will have many extra sprinkles. Next, pour onto a sheet of parchment creased in the middle and pour back into small cup. Repeat process until all lines are finished.

Now you can enjoy your own DIY wedding cake!

Moderated by SA from Erica Obrien blog

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