Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Creatives Tuesdays: DIY Butterfly & Twig Napkin Rings

Ola sweets We're back for Part 3 of DIY Creatives: DIY Buttrerfly & Twigs Napkin holder. These lovely rings are sooooo girlie girlie and not difficult to make either. Thanks again Lia from Ellinee for this awesome tutorial. We loooove how simple they made it; the easy steps and the easy downloaded template too! Remember brides, the sky is our creativity! So, dont rule out the possibility of creating a unique artwork for your wedding; you might just hit 'Jackpot' and become a wedding trend afterwards :P

How to make butterfly napkin rings
See, all you need is using a curly willow branch wrapped into a ring, then clipping on a paper butterfly. A simple and fresh way to add color to your Girlie themed brunch table.  And stay tuned for the next post: The centerpiece that compliments the whole table-setting. ~Lia
Colorful Spring Butterfly Napkin Ring

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