Monday, June 18, 2012

Fancy Treats {Trend Alert} The Mini Cakes Revolution

Oh-my-sweetness! One glance and we can't describe how lovely they all are! Goodbyes to  the Big wedding cakes with those extravagant layers...The trend is: move over, 'The Smaller sweets has taken over the dessert scene!' No longer are the 5 tiered cakes, but now is all about smaller cakes making bigger statement, creating a bigger impression compared to just one cake! Yes... we are all well-aware of the cupcake, cakepop & small desserts brilliant fads. And now we have come to the latest wedding obsession which would be their second cousin & baby to the cakes (*lol) The mini-cake Revolution...
Image source : mini-cake by Reachelle's Beautyful Bespoke Cakes)
Different than the others, these gorgeous mini-me's of cakes are much more more sophisticated and simply divine. Because of the original design & decor of each mini-cakes, they're perfect as good alternative to regular wedding cakes (you dont have to cut your fancy cake anymore!) or be given away as favors or served at dessert tables.  In fact they can also complement a simple cake, just by placing them around the cake (similar to cupcakes). The difference is; they're more elegant as ever! There are so many ways to make these mini's a fancy part of your event by simply incoporating these ideas below .. check em out-
Image sources: by Connie Cupcake

Image sources: Top left via MBS Cakery; top right by Maggie Austin via Collin Cowie ; bottom left; photography by Rowell Photography via Style me pretty ; bottom right;  Cake by Montecito Confections, Custom Crown: Fabian y Felipe via Wedding Chicks
Cake by Reachelle's Beautyful Bespoke Cakes

Image Sources: Top left via Gypsy Purple ; Top right by Kayla's Cakes via Details Details ; Bottom left via La Celebracion ; bottom right via Pinterest

Image source by Reachelle's Beautyful Bespoke Cakes

Thanks to Belle; we got these tips on how to creatively include these fabulous lil pieces in your event:
  1. As wedding favors for your guests.
  2. As welcome treat on a side plate in each guest place setting. 
  3. To be your featured dessert on your Dessert Bar. Use them to flatter your dessert table by placing them amongst sweets. Decorate them with some other plain cakes so that they would stand out. This would add dimension to your sweets bar, also to give the opportunity to present the guests with more than one cake flavor. 
  4. As Centrepieces. Double the purpose by placing them on each guest table along with other centerpieces. They would bring more texture to your decor and give you another way to showcase your wedding theme and/or colors.
"Love is not a matter of counting the years – it’s making the years."~Unknown
Moderated by Songket Affairs; source Belle, My Inspired wedding, Reachelle Cakes 

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