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Fab Fridays: Your Bridal Wear Special* (Warning: May cause Excessive Drooling)

Ola Loves! Its Fridays and T.g.i.W!! Yayyyy!!!
This time we got mooooooore interesting stuff to keep our Fab Fridays going. are you ready for some action?

So brides... with all the planning & preparation; gown, decor, ring etc (checked), and execution-day plan (wedding day countdown) done, check again if you may forget one thing which is may be the crucial part.. for your wedding!

Yes.. we are talking about your "Inner Wear ".. dont be shy**).. 
Many brides, get so overworked with their wedding planning, they may have overlooked One Thing which also could have contribute to their own self-happiness! (No kidding..) 
Brides, do take note...this is one neccesity which you must not neglet to plan! So read on and get some tips on how to plan a lil sheer for your wedding day & night :)

Don't Forget the Bridal Lingerie

With only few days to go to your Wedding day, with so many details to attend to, it may be easy for brides to overlook one of the most obvious necessities... Bridal lingerie!  
Yes. It is very important for brides to feel pretty and romantic on their special day, even underneath that fabulous gown.  On that very day, every detail seems to matter, when everything is over... when your wedding dress gets to put away,  you want to know that you have reserved something really special for your groom’s eyes only. 

Be Comfortable

Depending on your wedding dress style, there are many selections to choose from when it comes to bras, panties and hosiery.  To make this easier, consider the details of your dress and what style of bra might work best. Truth is, looking for the perfect lingerie ain't that easy task too! So, its wise to start searching for the best style as early as you can to avoid disapointment.
Dont be shy to try on several bras with your dress to make sure you get the lift and look that puts your assets at their best advantage.
Remember: You want to make sure you are comfortable, and a bit of cleavage isn’t a bad thing at all.  Do experiment with push up bras, demi-bras, strapless bras, etc. until you find the perfect fit and look to accentuate your curves as well as your bridal attire.

Feel Beautiful Underneath Too

When it comes to panties, consider whether or not you are wearing thigh-high hosiery or something else. (dont forget; comfort is your priority as you have no idea how long you will be stting in those!) Thongs or g-strings are pretty sensual for a minimalist look - but again; depends on your comfortness. Are you willing to be wearing a thong for more than 12 hours? (wedding event takes 6-7 hours + prior preparation/ getting ready 5 hours)
What about Garter belts? These with thigh high stockings are also drop dead sexy...without fail are bound to make a bride feel fabulous underneath it all.
The most important thing when buying a bridal lingerie is that 'lingerie' you chose are able to make you feel beautiful in it and makes you feel like the princess for that special day.

The Wedding Night

Last but most important, another item you need to plan is the very special lingerie for the wedding night, as well as for the honeymoon! Brides, your wedding night is like your wedding day as it’s a once in a lifetime event (hopefully) and you want to make it both memorable and special. Choose to wear something unbelievably sexy that will affirm to your groom that he definitely made the right choice! Some says: Keep in mind; that sex on your  honeymoon is like eating Chinese food.... You are likely to be hungry again after a few hours, so make sure that you have lots of things to choose from to keep the excitement level high and your groom guessing as to what you have up your sleeve. (*Lol)
And  most of all, remember-- by the time you get to this point in the wedding adventure, all the stress is over and now it’s time to just relax…and enjoy each other!  

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