Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Creatives Tuesdays: DIY Soft Pastel & Metallic Party

Hello dearies! Hows it going there? yay... the DIY Team for Creatives Tuesdays are back and we got more Diys to share this time! So, lastweek we had few sessions of sweets and this week, we'd like to feature a pretty pretty fabulous do which was featured in EA designs. The team behind this gorgeous do (Kelly Maron Horvath of Paper Stories, Lauren LePine of Ryan Alexander Events, Lynn Fossbender of Pollen, Stevi Savage of AveryHouse, and Shannon Spellman of Plate ) Their decor was absolute wonderland of handmade charms! We just cant stop googoogaga-ing their artwork! The mercury glass accents, mother-of-pearl buttons, satin ribbons and gilded china from Plate were just amogst few ways they incorporated glitter and glam into their tabletop and dessert display. So brides, since weddings noawadays has reached an  approachable budget (yay!), from the sewn paper bunting to the ribbon table runner, escort card holder, cake topper, cake, to all of the decorative accents used - we thought we'd like to share with you on tips and tutorial on how to make your wedding look pretty, simple & neat yet gorgeous! Kudos to the team and let's get busy... 


Wowww... we just looove the gorgeous setting of the dessert table which is soooo worthy of the sweetest of sweets! Check out the Sleek ribbons run the length of the glossy parsons table, macarons sit atop a capiz shell platter, and a tower of Swiss meringue buttercream rests on a silver-leafed glass cake stand with a handmade cake topper.  The cake was  a basic lemon cake using  Martha Stewart frosting recipe and Kelly created the beautiful ruffled creation using petal tip frosting technique from My Sweet and Saucy!

Now, part 1 - let's DIY  the Bunting Cake Topper:

  1. Take two long lollipop sticks and spiral wrap in Japanese Washi tape.
  2. Using several scraps of ribbon, arrange in your desired order.
  3. Fold the pieces in half and feed them into your sewing machine one by one.
  4. Trim ends of ribbon to desired length.
  5. Wrap the extra thread on each end and hide them under the tape to secure.

Part 2; To transform a simple Glass Cake Stand:

  1. Purchase Simple Leaf sheets from your local craft store.(they can be metallic, silver or any color you prefer) Using a liquid adhesive for leafing, paint the underside of the plate and the stand. When it dries, it becomes sticky.
  2. Using sheets of silver leaf, lay face down onto the adhesive and gently rub. Everywhere that you put the adhesive, the leaf will stick.
  3. Coat the entire cake stand except for the top of hte plate where the cake will sit.
  4. To tone the leafing down a bit, brush champagne-colored metallic craft paint over the leafing, then rub off, leaving just a hint of color and adding a vintage look!

They made it soo exquisite by layering the intimate table soft colors textures, and featured a lush garden-style centerpiece in shimmering carnival glass. The awesome part is, mismatch items can also make pretty! They add each mismatched place setting to include a small succulent favor inside a mercury glass votive holder.

Next, Part 3.. lets how to DIY The escort card table. 

So lovely with the theme is simple & neat, they mixed flowers and paper, re-arranged on a repurposed silver-leafed shutter.
  1. Take an old shutter and turn it over.  On the backside, pull the levers all the way down in one direction.  Use a nail at the bottom to secure the lever.  This keeps the slats angled up allowing you to tuck things in between them.
  2. Coat the shutter in your choice of paint color.  Let dry.
  3. For a more vintage look, rub edges of the shutter / slats first with the side of a candle.  The wax resists the paint.  You can then go with some sandpaper and gently rub the wax back off, showing some of the wood underneath.
  4. To add the silver leaf, use Simple Leaf sheets (from Michaels or Hobby Lobby).  You use a liquid adhesive to paint all the parts of your shutter you want to cover.  When it dries, it becomes sticky.
  5. Using the sheets of silver leaf, lay it face down onto the adhesive and gently rub.  Everywhere that you put the adhesive, the leaf will stick. 
  6. Continue doing this to as much or as little of the shutter as you please.
  7. To tone the sliver leafing down a bit, brush champagne colored metallic craft paint over the entire shutter then rub it off, leaving just a hint of color and giving it a bit of a vintage look.






Part 4; DIY the beautiful ribbon table runner

  1. Purchase a few yards of Ragna fabric from Ikea in Natural. Best part is, this particular fabric is already pre-hemmed on the sides to a width of 18”, so you only have to hem the two ends. 
  2. After sewing the two ends, lay out various ribbons to find the arrangement you like best.  Make sure to let the ribbons hang past the fabric to create a fun effect.  One by one, sew the ribbons on using a contrasting thread color.
  3. If you like a more irregular look, don’t pin your ribbons to the fabric before sewing.
  4. When done, trim the ends of all the ribbons to the desired length.  Voila! 

This table has proven that you dont have to spend so much to have such a gorgeous decor setting! Incredibly, the team spent a mere $385 on flowers and materials for this shoot, proving that a little creativing and ingenuity go a long way!
Vendors contributed to this inspirational wedding shoot:Styling, DIY projects, stationery – Kelly Maron Horvath of Paper Stories and Indie Wed ::  Event design and wardrobe styling – Lauren LePine of Ryan Alexander Events :: Floral design and styling – Lynn Fossbender of Pollen :: Photography – Stevi Savage of AveryHouse :: Styling support – Shannon Spellman of Plate :: Venue – room1520 :: China – Plate :: Model – Haley Lertola ::
Moderated by Songket Affairs, Source Elizabeth Anne Designs


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