Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Creatives Tuesdays: DIY Candy Buffet Part II- The Insider Scoop

Hi sweets! Yay! DIY Creatives have returned for this week! As all of us know, Dessert tables are still the latest craze in an event planning.  Whether you’re planning a wedding, hosting a birthday party, or throwing a baby shower, candy buffets are the one favor that no guest {at any age} can shy away from!  And the ideas to decorate one Candy Buffett is sooo hugeee! Depends on one's style, creativity & theme, each decor has its own trademark...So, today we'd like to feature these awesome DIY Style from event design company, Pretty I See, to give the inside scoop on how to make a one of a kind candy buffet…so for the next soiree you throw, you can surely create your own!
Whats not to love about a Candy Buffett? You get to energize your guests, literally, with sugar that is! From lollipops, sour belts, strings of rock candy, chocolate and baked goodies, everyone gets a yummy bag to take home or enjoy right then and there. Dont forget the first step is to choose your theme, color & style. For each theme has varieties of candy to match em with..  Thanks to Liminas (Pretty I See) for sharing these awesome quick tips and ideas to add pure flattery to your event, and leave guests with playful party favors.

The Must Haves:

Need a place to start?  Invitations are inspiration for color scheme and theme. When it comes to The Must Haves, keep color scheme, theme, number of guests, dessert types and sizes, and budget in mind.

The Basics – Scissors, glue, double-stick tape and scrapbook paper to match your theme are a must. Bags! Make sure treats fit in the bag so each guest can snag a taste.
Containers – Glass cylinders, apothecary jars, and cake stands in varying sizes and shapes pop candy color. Keep in mind the amount and type of candy, and choose vases with wide enough mouths.
Creative alternative: Feel free to get creative with cookie jars and candy buckets.
Any Scoopers will do– Play with color and detail; ruffles, ribbon and trinkets on scoopers and containers can help amuse the eye and grab attention. Serving ware should be small enough to get candy and treats out of containers.
Variety, variety, variety. If you want, try different kinds of candy or get inspired with the sweetness that is everywhere. Get creative with mini cupcakes and cookies, kettle corn, marshmallows, and macaroons! More variety means more impact, but remember, balance keeps it all together.
Wallet pincher side note: purchasing in bulk saves on cost.
Alternatives your guests will appreciate: Consider potential allergies, such as peanuts, and sugar-free candy for those watching slim figures and sugar-levels.

Putting It All Together:

When creating the setup, keep in mind that a well-designed table is simple, balanced, and lovely all at the same time.  When laying out the table, it’s best to start from the center and move outward.  Placing a charming centerpiece, or even a scrumptious large jar of candy in the center will amuse the eye. It takes time to set up a table, so remember preparation, organization and setting aside enough setup time is a must. Doing a pre-setup the day before the event can save time.

Oh dear, How to Prepare em on the day itself?

Step 1:  Gather all your supplies; every bit and piece.
Step 2:  Imagine the table area as a scene you are creating. Create sweet bliss by hanging a backdrop to draw guests’ attention to the table and ensure it’s the focal point of the room. To create a backdrop, simply hang fabric in fun prints or solid colors behind the table.
Creative alternative: An assortment of colored streamers, banners or paper lanterns always add flirt and fun.
Step 3: Arrange containers and the yummy goodies using a variety of tiers and depths, mixing and matching the treats inside the containers you have chosen.
Step 4: Doll up your table with trimmings and embellishments such as labels, candles and quotes such as: “Love Sweet Love,” “Sweet Bash,” or “Delight my Taste Buds.”  These extra details will definitely add a personalized touch.
Step 5: Add the treats and scoopers to the jars.  Take one final look at the entire table and make adjustments as necessary.
Hint Hint: To avoid guests picking at treats earlier than wanted, place bags underneath the table at the beginning of the event, and then place them on the table when it’s time to start the dessert buffet.

There you have it!… Yummy Goodness!

Sweet expression is highlighted by great photography. Enjoy the sugar rush!

 Credits :: Moderated by Songket Affairs :: Source Liminas :: Photograhy by Nerinna :: Event Planning via Pretty I see ::

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