Sunday, May 6, 2012

Vintage Weekends: Retro Inspired Cupcakes decor

Black and White Silhouette Cupcake Wraps.jpg

Morning glory brides! We looove the scents of Sundays... and whats more? Yay its Vintage Ideas time! For this week Vintage postings, we want to give the DIY brides another special treat...these gorgeous cupcake wrappers from Paper Scissors Cake!. (Credits to Bronze) These wrappers are sooo gorgeous yet affordable and you will be allowed to print and cut as many wrappers as your heart desires. So, for these brides seeking for vintage-ish wrappers design, i recommend them with 2 thumbs up!. Their designs are simply retro-inspired add up with their unique toppers that jives with your Vintage theme.Also you can add a few sugar flowers and you'll have très magnfique cupcakes for your event!
18 centuray paris cupcake wraps.jpg

vintage inspired wedding cupcake wraps.jpg

Marie Antoninette Soiree cupcake wraps.jpg

pirate ships cupcake wraps.jpg

Romantic black and white image cupcake wraps.jpg 
Source: Bronze budget bride

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