Wednesday, May 2, 2012

IB#217: Precious Elegance

Hi loves! It has been a whirlwind for us! hows yours? First, we had a long weekend due to Labour Day on May 1st! and today is special someone's birthday... which is why i am in a celebratory mode!.. Therefore today's inspiration - i'd like to throw in some gold and bling blings into our Inspire board! 
As we know, gold has always been the utmost classic wedding theme. Whether is yesteryear's vintage wedding or the present, gold is always been a favorite. Its the elegantness that comes within the color itself! I blame the glitzy-ness and the shimmering that makes the gold so precious!(just like Smeagol of LOTR says "my preciousss...."lol)  And gold is always gonna be a that will never die. Moreover with metallic themes are back in trend, more reason for gold to resurface and stay on top! So brides, forget about being mellow or playing safe for your wedding colors. Cos' gold is one theme that is gona stand throughout time plus it has all 'Awesomeness' and 'Sophistication' all written in it :)

Mood: Celebration, glitzy, sophisticated, everlasting trend, precious
Season: Summer, autumn
Colors: gold, metallic, bronze, copper, silver,
Photo: Credits :: Top left to right :: Tray hantaran decor via Flora etc :: leopard cake via Style me Pretty :: Gown, photography by Udey Ismail :: Shoes by Valentino, photography by CWR :: Gown by Valentino via Wedding Inspirasi :: Table reception via Martha Stewart :: Lantern lights festival via Eb weddings :: hairstyle by Loves Purity via Soul wedding :: Mettalic gold favors via Martha Stewart :: Rings via Soul wedding ::

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