Friday, April 20, 2012

Fab Fridays: Drapery Elegance

Image credit via Rose dune
Ola loves! I cant wait to share this on today's Fab Fridays! Ohmy gosh, i think my eyes died & went to drape-heaven! Nothing says "fairy-tale wedding" like soft lines, billowing drapery, and beautiful lighting. Drapery can add its wonderous elegance that can turn your event into a breathtaking view! Be it to beautify a rustic setting, or it can be the finishing touch of an already contemporary space. It can conceal areas of a venue that you would rather not be seen, and can create an atmosphere of sheer brilliance.

Using drapery for the ceiling, altar, doorway, chairs, isle, or even wrapped around wooden beams are just a few of the ways how they can be applied.
Imagine when draping your reception or ceremony is done, it can bring your venue to a new level... it becomes totally spectacular within seconds! (Credits Belle) Would you, use drapery on your big day?.Check out pics below to see all these fantabulous drapes!
Image credit: Style me pretty

Image credit Style me pretty , right  Lavender & Ash

Image credit Chameleon Chair

Image credit left , Tyler Perry right Estate weddings

Credit image  White Lilac inc

Credit image; left  Estate weddings , right| Suhaa Garden

Credit Image Eventure Design

Image credit, left White Lilac Inc; right Inside weddings
Imge credit La Premier

Image credit Jodi Miller
Interpreted & Adapted for Songket Affairs from Belle

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