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Fab Fridays: Awesome Bell Jars decors

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Hello lovelies! Its great to have another weekend! Despite the cats & dogs rain here & there in KL, im pretty sure most you having a blast weekend! In fact rainy days or no rain, weddings is still a season here in KL. (Indoor weddings <3 ) Anyways back to Fab fridays inspirations - we want to feature something fresh & new which has been populared recently. None other than these lovely Bell jars! 

Originally used in laboratories, bell jars were used to create a vacuum. Now, brides and wedding designers use them to create stylish centerpieces and fantastic focal points in wedding decor. Bell jars, or cloches, were also used to protect young plants. When incorporated into decorating they help to highlight whatever items they’re covering and will make the entire look magical. Its no wonder small and simple cakes or desserts can look so glamourous under bell jars!. Brides, here are some ways on how to incorporate these bell jars into your wedding --


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Incorporating bell jars into your centerpieces is a great way to make simpler floral arrangements look more unique and special. Bell jars help their contents to look like something specialized and to be further studied, like these ferns and floral arrangements.
Credit image United with Love

2. Desserts

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3. Place Settings

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Hantaran Trays

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Interpreted & adapted for Songket Affairs from Belle & Intimate weddings

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