Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Creatives Tuesdays: DIY Origami Rose

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Today we simply in the mood for Origami...Remember our earlier postings about DIY Paper Stars? Well, today we wanna share a new version of origami; the first few amongst many... The first rose DIY origami is the Kawasaki rose, named after its creator Toshikazu Kawasaki (not the motorcycle ok?)The Second is more like the Bird Base rose and the third one is the Standard Rose (Credits Bloomize)
These roses are perfect as your table setting decors or perhaps as complimentary flowers for the favor boxes (eg cups, candles, chocs). This Kawasaki rose the most difficult amongst all, perhaps the pros will be able to successfully pull it off easily. I personally fave the bird base, which is more simpler and unique. The standard one would be the most popular rose - so much less complicated and there's a video link as well for your guidance. First foremost, supplies you may need is stacks and stacks of origami papers, glue and perhaps scissors :) DIY Brides, let get our hands & gears ready--

1. Kawasaki rose

Step 1. Begin to fold the left flap (indicated *). Take note of the diamond square (marked by the 4 dots) in the middle.
 Step 2. Pinch the fold, bring point 1 down to point 2.
 Step 3. Repeat step 2 on all three sides and keep in view of that middle diamond. Yes, the paper will be in an awkward stage but persevere on!
 Step 4. Above is how awkward the paper will be.

Step 5. Slide a finger along each of folded strip (from step 3), moving gently in an anti-clockwise manner, tending towards the centre. You will have to use your finger to pop up/help the diamond take shape along the way. Note that the diamond should eventually twist (anti-clockwise). Then flattened (provided the paper is thin) in place, if not just press it down.

Step 6: Voila you're all done for the beginning part!
 Step 7. Turn over.
 Step 8. Now let's start at the top (*). Identify and mark all creases. G and H are for step 12 and 14 respectively. Open up the flap.

 Step 9. Identify D and use a finger to push it up.

Step 10. C and A should be perpendicular to each other and a depth between C and B is formed.

Step 11. Repeat steps 8-10 on the other 3 sides so as to end up with this.

 Step 12. Identify E and F. F is half of crease A.
Step 13. Pinch E as shown.

Step 14. Then lift F to align with H (made in step 8). And its done!

2. Bird base rose

For this Bird base rose, is very much simpler and was created by James Sakoda. The demo to make em' via this Youtube Video. And below the excerpt from Sakoda's Origami Flowers book. Let's go over the step by step process.
Step 1. Close up the 2 front flaps.
Step 2. Do the same for the other 2 flaps behind.

Step 3. Fold down top flap to the front. And then fold down the next standing flap to the back.
Step 4. This is now ready for the next step.














3. Standard rose 

The most easiest rose among all three. Here's the Yotube demo link for easy peasy steps to make this rose bud.
Step 1: just fold all sides like the pic below.
The best part for this rose is we get to crumple all we want..:)

Note: Both centre creases must be well-creased mountain folds, so that the folding up of each quarter will be easier.
The real beauty of all these three roses is they are not too complicated to make once every step is laid out clearly and every intended fold well-creased. As with every origami pattern, you can’t help but marvel at the ingenuity of their creators. Amd thus a room full of origamis also do means  longevity of love - which i feel they're absolutely perfect as wedding decors :)

Interpreted & Adapted by Songket Affairs from Bloomize


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