Monday, March 5, 2012

Vintage Weekends: Glam Hairpieces Mi Amore by Jenny

Ola beautiful! Hows the weekend? We hope u had a wonderful weekend & plenty of rest. Ours were quite hectic with weddings, events, seminars etc. Anyways- retro brides lovers; let's have a vintage moment. Today's posting i want to feature more on bridal headpieces. Name it - authentic silk flowers, ruffles, pearls and beads - these are the ingredients that make bridal headpieces look so strikingly beautiful and unique! These magical hairpieces are signed by Jenny Baltzer for their stunning 2012 Hair Accessories Collection. For brides who want love to incorporate vintage fashion or to those who just wish to wear something chicer at their wedding - we totaly recommend these gorgeous pieces!

I suppose with the old-couture style is in big trend today and the look of a bride in vintage accents seems more appealing than ever. These pieces we're presenting here are definitely fitted for brides-to-be who adore the old glamour and want to wear something truly outstanding and expressive on their wedding day.

These fancy designs are inspired by the early 1900's style and amazingly they brings out a bride's bold look and sensual appearance. Bohemian brides are also non exceptional - also find these pieces remarkable and beautiful for their own look.

The 2012 Collection was inspired by the French Bohemianism of the 19th century, where elegance, romanticism and drama were the irresistible attributes and qualities of a contemporary fashionable bride today when it comes to wedding accessories, jewels and hairpieces.

The details used for most of these headpieces were also inspired by the boldness of the Art Deco style. That is why we think they looked so imposing and daring. Perhaps, the1920's glamour style are the trendiest fashion in today's modern day weddings - for both bridal gowns and accessories. Lately, these old-Hollywood style seems to be a popular choice amongst many brides today and its a thumbs up for those who love the diva look for their big day.
Feminine yet dramatic, refined yet extravagant and bold, glamorous yet naturally looking, these bridal headpieces are among the fanciest hair decorative items for brides we've seen lately.
Its no wonder, many designers of today get their inspiration from the past eras and their luxurious style when creating their wedding gown and accessory collections. The materials used by jenny Baltzer for her headpieces are the softest laces and the finest silks and chiffons. Also there are more gorgeous hairpieces made of Edwardian and French lace in her collection.

One thing most we adore in these brilliant pieces, are the well combination between the flower blooms, the pearl and beaded strings, the cap veils and lace details. The silk fabrics add even more luster, glow and extravagance to these precious headpieces. We adore the fact that these accessories are not placed on intricate hairdos, therefore on the contrary, the style is loose, casual yet chic and flirty. Its perfect with big loose curls and waves for a natural look.

Credits Jenny Baltzer :: Adapted & Interpreted from  Shang ri La & Fashion Bride

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