Tuesday, March 6, 2012

{Trend Alert} Paper-Licious

Hi loves! Yay its a brand new week....For today's posting - only One word to summ this up - Ahhh mazzzing!
Who would have known, the evolving of paper decors in event. Brilliantly created by Jane Schulak, took place at the Louvre, these are the most inspiring luncheon for 40 used paper in ways we all never seen. So modern brides, take note on these lovely decor - they are simply gorgeous!

"I decided to make a paper luncheon for several reasons. First of all, it was a natural for the museum because they have the largest, oldest, and most comprehensive collection of paper and presses in the world. My objective was to introduce my friends to the museum and to try to get them engaged without overwhelming them"  Mentioned in an interview by David Stark Sketchbook and Jane.

Of course paper decor has been a huge hit ever since. Name it -  paper pom poms, lanterns, paper flowers and many more are most popular choice of many event decoraters, be it brides or planners. Not only they're affordable, economical and recyclable. So, it practically easy to enjoy paper and to react to it because it is so pretty and pleasing to the eye. These awesome masterpieces are the creation of a new young French paper artist, Marianne Guely. And she had came up with several ways to reinterpret ancient papers. What an outstanding debut on Marianne’s talent on so many levels.

Check out the room in the Louvre which fantastic and important architecture,  but could still serve as an excellent backdrop for the installation. It was a completely harmonious relationship between the space and the art - drama yet superb!
Moreover, on the walls around the room were many examples of reinterpretations of old papers; included by each piece a small card that explained where the inspiration came from. Opposite the Rue de Rivoli is the Tuilleries Garden; opened all the doors as if the lunch was practically in the garden. It was visually mind blowing, so beautiful.

Images via David Stark Sketchbook.

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