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{Trend Alert} Frame Fabulous Your Day

Ola lovelies! We loves the smell of a new trend creeping to town... haha or perhaps a trend we have seen in some weddings that makes us go oooooh and aaaaahs.. This time, credits to Belle for their findings. Who knew simple things like frames and such could create such a smashing impact on wedding decor? Imagine, picture frames - plain or ornate, vintage or modern - can be fun, fabulous details for you to infuse into your  big day. Plus we have found sooo many different ways since then to incorporate them. To the fact that they can have a purpose or they can be purely decorative. Check out photos below cos we are soooo loving all these creative framing-ways to spice up your wedding day!
Image credit Style me Pretty

1. Seating Displays.
These frames are perfect as displays - Seating, menu, guestbook frame versions and more.
Image via Style me Pretty
Image via Wedding girl
2. Feature your love. 

Another creative way to have frames in the reception is having a Showcase pics or even include the Engagement / Pre Wedding shoot photos to share with the guests. It is always about the newlyweds, the reason to celebrate. 
Image credits Style me Pretty
Image credit Bridal guide
Image credit Style me Pretty
3. Props at the photo-booth
Post wedding photo session can be a fun fun process too. Forget about the traditional side-by-side poses, new emerged style combining foolishness and laughing candid moments are the photos we look forward the most!

Image credit Style me pretty, right -  Style me pretty
Image credit Love & Lavender
4. Fill up with flowers.  
Flowers are always the key ingredient on making the wedding more elegant. By  inserting them in wall frames are another way to create a  wow factor.
Image credit Style me pretty

Image credit: left via Wedding by color,right Blush botanicals
5. As Props for portrait session.  
Group photo post wedding ceremonies are a Must Snap moments. Frames can play the nice 'standout' prop amongst all.
Credit Image Ps I love this

Image credit  Intimate Weddings
6. Place Card Settings.  
Say bye bye to the old fashioned seating charts/boards- now we have another creative framing way to make the guests know where they will be seating & etc.
Credits: Style me pretty

Image credit from Elizabeth Anne

Image via  Grooms sold
Image credit Kiss the groom
7. Photo Booth Wall.  
The above setting is the perfect photo setting for those aiming for a vintage feel . For the third option, A POC (pop of color)on your wall paper will give your frame wall photo booth a modern approach.
Image credit Ruffled

Modern via Lovely girls weddings
8. Fancy Backdrops. 
Another brilliant idea is you can always maximise your big hall space by hanging them on the walls to create an interesting ceremony background. Even at times you may not need that much space if you hang them on the ceiling, from above.  
Credit Image Style me pretty

Image credit Belle
9. Table Decor.  
Hanging frames in top of  your reception tables gives the venue and the decor a multidimensional effect You may also love to place frames around the centerpieces (credit Elizabeth Anne) to create more texture of the centrepiece.
Credit Image  Style me pretty.

Elizabeth Anne.
10. To say Something.  
Also in some weddings, signs are needed  to communicate with the guests. From, welcoming messages and menus, to labels on your dessert bar, framed signs are very practical and make great wedding decorations. To make your signs a bit more trendy go with framed chalkboards.

11. Pelamin Backdrop.  
For malay weddings, the latest trend could be it - by infusing these frames as part of their Pelamin decor. Many brides loves the ideas incorporating a lil vintage in their wedding, and the best part that these frames are the most common classic touch for their kinds weddings.
via mukhriz latiff

by Arma Couture
Pelamin by Arjuna Cipta
Adapted & Interpreted from Belle

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