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Stunning Frocks: Bridesmaid Dress & Tips choosing the right one

Hi loves! Happy Thursdays!! We're super excited with today's posting. This time we want to give a lil limelight to the ever important party of the brides - which is the Bridesmaids!
Brides, have you ever wondered how your bridal entourage be like? Do you want them to be all matched up to your theme or your wedding gown in specific? Or some brides love to incorporate freestye for their bridesmaids; mean giving them a lil freedom yet within the same color range. So which style is yours? Today, we bring you Rosa Clara Long Bridesmaid Dresses. The beauty of these frocks are astounding.. and  fits the maiden title as the Bride's right-hands.

Tips choosing the right dress
First, choose the styles and kinds of bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses that you like. Second, balance this with how much you can afford. Usually its impolite for couples to ask bridesmaids to pay for the special occasion dresses (unless they were given the fabric etc) as this would cause offence to the wedding party. The best way to get the most satisfaction is to assume brides are paying for their dresses.

Rosa Clara Long Red Bridesmaid Dresses
To choose the right dress, brides has to ensure that the dresses chosen doesnt make a scene. Meaning, the dresses chosen should be proper, not too fancy or too revealing or embarrassing themselves (or in some case to the bride). First, brides must always take note of their bridesmaids’ body types in mind and remember that one style rarely suits everyone equally well. I have seen some weddings that require the bridesmaids to wear ugly colors or patterns due to fear overshadowing the bride (cos they're prettier?) Remember the movie 27 Dresses by Katherine Heigl? She was 27 times bridesmaids and most of the clothes are hideous! You wouldnt want that to happen to your wedding right?
Pretty Pink Bridesmaid Dresses
Then, research & shop around for the dresses style you seek. Try look for wedding dress shops and designers in multiple cities cos' you never knew you may get a better bargain. My sis/ maid of honor found my bridesmaids dresses in Australia .. amazingly they're quite a popular brand & she got them on good discount! (So never underestimate where you may find em') And yes, it is always better for the bridesmaids to try on sample dresses before you buy the real one. Today's bridesmaid they're more individual style. So, be sure to make known your wedding theme color to avoid any color humiliation. Besides that, as we know, different weddings have different topic and themes, and the wedding dress should in the spirit of the wedding theme. For example, if you plan a much more formal wedding, you and your bridesmaid should wear a gown that should reflect the formality. If you just hold on a casual garden wedding, they should wear more natural and fun-like attire. Well, if you choose a more popular wedding just like the beaching wedding, a cool, casual, and relaxed, yet sexy and beautiful bridesmaid dresses would be better choice.
Rosa Clara Violet Bridesmaid Dresses

Apart from picking a style which fits perfectly with the tone of the occasion: refined, casual, or elegant. Brides may also wish to choose a right color that compliment the bridesmaids most. There are multiple color combinations for your bridesmaids. The red tends to show the elegance. But purple is a very much popular alternative than red, too. For an outdoor and springtime wedding, the pink is a much better choice as it blends in the season. Royal blue suits for the women who have a slimming body. No matter what color chosen for your bridesmaid, please remember to choose as if they would like it too. A great wedding comes from a fabulous complementary wedding dress for both, the brides and the bridesmaid - a pretty match that gives more passion for that wedding day.

Adapted & Interpreted from My Fancy Style. Credit Images from Rosa Clara via Wedding Dress Trend

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