Friday, March 9, 2012

Fab Fridays: A Watercolor Affair

Hi sweeties. Its finally friday! We super like like. Hope u guys havin' a fab week. And we looove having back Fab Fridays! Yay! Today we want to indulge in the beauty of colors. Have you been to a wedding that brings out all the best colors of a palette? The ultimate sweetness. Such sway and swirlish manner. These watercolors make beautiful paintings ...Nowadays wedding trends are all about unique and individuality. Many brides & planners loves to make their occasion somewhat an unforgettable experience. So why not bring the beauty of a watercolor painting into a 'real life' space?  Well, that's just what Therese Jacinto and Laurel of Esla Events thought before they made all the beautiful you see below. And oh boy, i cant resist to share them all here. The flowers designed are so stunning ... the way they play the pastels and blend them all together is just the type of perfection we pastel lovers always seek in a Spring wedding.

Their theme: Love in Watercolor. What the designers want to do was to create something unique and fresh for day wedding event. Somehow, they wanted to do something completely different- away from anything  "vintage" inspired, which has been the trend for quite some time. The idea was to create an urban romantic look that was light, colorful, and dreamy.

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