Friday, March 16, 2012

Fab Fridays: How the flowers got Oversized. here.

Ola loves! Yay T.G.I.F!! We're so excited for today's posting cos' we got new hot hot stuffs we wana share right here...So brides... let's get your gear all ready...
For today's posting, is based on this article findings we found via Martha Stewart Weddings.. and Amazingly these trend has been quite some time in our local market  having these oversized flowers blooming everywhere.. especially in Weddings!..

It was back then in mid 2010, when my mum and my sister (the bride) & us (the family); who came up with this brilliant idea. Inspired by drawings of roses, they dreamed of an indoor garden reception overflowing with oversized flowers. It was their vision, to see the wedding reception site filled with huge flower centerpieces, bouquets, and flourishes.. Together with our wedding planners (Flora Etc) they execute this awesomeness with their creativity and passion. Bravos to the planners who made it possible! Turns out this  HUGE flowers trend made it a HUGE hit afterwards -  To this day, whenever we see pass a HUGE FLOWER decor, we smile remembering how we came up with the idea!  So brides - never pass up the opportunity to be creative - make a unique piece of your own wedding! You never knew, you may be a trend setter :)
So since you guys knew some bit of the history, we thought its nice to show some of the ways that oversized flowers can be added to any kind of wedding. These flowers can be simply plain roses, poppies, sunflowers or perhaps carnation.  They fit flawlessly in classic or modern themes. Basically making a BOLD statement which can never go wrong. Plus making em' is not so difficult too! If you looking to DIY em' yourself; check out our DIY Creatives Giant Paper Rose and stay tuned for the next DIY Creatives Giant Flowers Episode next tuesday!

Credit Images via Songket Affairs & Martha Stewart Weddings. Top picture (from top to bottom)  Day pelamin dais floral decor by Flora Etc & Didi Sullivan :: Top photo 2; The handpainted flower from my reception as seen Etsy. :: Middle photo 3 :: Paper oversized flowers in vases would be perfect for centerpieces or set in a corner to add volume to a large reception site area. ::
Middle photo 4, (both)The house that lars built and The house that lars built. :: 
Middle Photo 5: Oversized flowers as a bouquet for the bride :: Above photo 6 :: Oversized fabric flower for the bride’s hairpiece from Alexis Mabille :: Another hairpiece version via Etsy :: Photo 7 :: Oversized paper flowers that lined the entrance of my wedding reception site. You could use these as centerpieces or decoration for an empty space for your site. Photo from Ali DeGraff

Credit Images :: Bridal Giant rose headpiece from Kate Spade New York Hairpiece :: Pelamin Dais floral reception by Flora Etc & Songket Affairs :: Day pelamin dais by Flora Etc :: 

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