Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Creatives Tuesdays: DIY Giant Paper Flowers

Hello beautiful! Hows it going there? Having a blues-week? Here's one posting that gona make your week more awesome and awesome! Anyways, last Fab fridays we talked about gigantic blooms on 'How they got oversized. here' And then we add more in {Trend Alert} for trending towards fabric flowers. So today, as promised, we want to feature another DIY to get your very own gigantic bloom! Basically this tutorial is also another follow-up to our previous DIY Gigantic Rose.
So, its been abuzz everywhere in weddings.. including Martha Stewart Weddings on how to fashion your own blooms. Today's ginormous blooms seem to be having their own special momentare, created of crepe paper and other nonfloral elements. —On contrary, they’re quite fun as photo props and serves well as ceremony markers (dais pelamin) or even centerpieces. Let's applause to these gorgeous creative hands of Ruche, which they recently shared the hows at Design*Sponge. I find them so easy peasy and refreshing to make!

With this massive growth of paper flower trend, we are thrilled to join the entourage; giving you brides a lil bit of personal touch in your weddings. We totally loves anything made in exaggerated scale (especially diamonds, *giggles*) plus with the eco-friendly trending everywhere, we feel that the more giant flowers and plants there are in the world, the better. It would save a huge deal of florist too, right?
This particular giant-flower DIY project comes from the creative team at Ruche. Inspired by giant fantasy flowers of their spring lookbook, which is aptly titled “Enchantment.” Thanks for sharing this awesome DIY, Ruche team, and DIY brides on a budget: let's get the craft making going! Enjoy!

Materials You Need
  • plastic cups
  • cement
  • approx. 5” wide stucco corner
  • approx. 20-gauge tie wire
  • gloves and wire cutters
  • tape, glue, and scissors
  • tissue paper
  • dried moss
  • zip ties

Making the Stem:
Step 1:  First determine how many flowers you’re going to make and pour cement into the corresponding number of plastic cups. Let harden.

Step 2: Purchase stucco corner (sturdy wire) from your local hardware store. The pieces we used were 5” in width.
Step 3: Cut the wire into desired stem lengths. Each stem is varied from 3 to 8 feet high. Dont forget to protect your hands with gloves!

Step 4: Using the cement cups as a base and mold the wire into stems.

Step 5. Cover the wire stems with tape for a smooth surface.

Step 6. Glue layers of tissue paper onto the surface until the entire stem is covered.

Making the leaves:
Step 1: Purchase approximately 20-gauge tie wire from your local hardware store and cut into desired lengths. Always remember to leave extra length at the end (to attach to the stem later).
Step 2. Twist pieces of wire together to form the leaf base.

Step 3. Cut layers of tissue paper into leaf shapes.
Step 4. Glue the layers together around the wire base.

Step 5: Poke the leaves into the stems.

Making the flowers:
Step 1. Using tissue/crepe papers, Cut layers into petals of various sizes.

Step 2. Form the smallest petals into a bouquet. Tape the bouquet’s stem to keep the layers together.

Step 3. Add the next layer of petals and tape and repeat until you have reached the desired size.

Step 4. To make the flower centers, cut circles out of tissue paper, scrunch the edges, and glue two layers together.

Step 5. Glue moss into the center of the circles.

Step 6. Attach the center to the petals, and the flower is complete.

Step 7. Use the zip ties to attach the flower to the stem.

Voila! You’re done!

Credits: Adapted & Interpreted from Designs Sponge via Ruche. Photo Images via Ruche.

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