Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Creatives Tuesdays: DIY Epsom Salt Luminaries Centrepiece

Hello hello lovelies! Its an awesome feelin' to have Creatives Tuesdays back! And we got more hot DIY ideas coming up... For this week, i found some interesting decor ideas which i think its fresh and new in the decor industry. Have you heard of Epsom Salts? They're made of composite magnesium sulfate which contains in bath salts... or bath balls. Im sure you ladies heard of loooong chill relaxing baths in jacuzzi/bathtubs (ohhh i so need one) and these salts are a MUST haves in these baths. These Epsom Salts have so many wonderful health benefits and they're amazing to soothe the body's nervous system. Anyways, after researching few crafty ideas on making use of these epsom salts (besides their magic sedative effect), this time I wanted to come up with something different. (Thanks Amanda for this wonderful DIY). For this week, we want to make luminaries, something that would be elegant and pretty when light up in the dark (dimmed light), or perhaps in an outdoor wedding reception or perhaps against winter’s white snow. Something that makes Christmas lasts all year, something that could be kept out all winter long. The idea for these epsom salt luminaries seem perfect to make them into a reality.

There were some Luminaries which is really pretty sea glass luminaries in white, light blue and light green. Inspired by them, lets simply mixed a tiny amount of food coloring with the epsom salts.
They're so pretty that you could add a white ribbon around the center tied into a bow in front for a delicate accent.

Note about jars: You can use any type of jar you want for these. Canning jars, and the shorter ones are from those Ikea candle holders. Make sure you clean them out once the candle is used up.

Imagine these lovelies as centrepiece on long table, add up some flowers or perhaps as hanging decor.. And they also make a pretty addition to a beachy bathroom, or even in the summer on the porch!

Now let's begin the tutorial.

Epsom Salt Luminaries
by Amanda Formaro
printable version

What you need:
  • empty jars
  • epsom salts
  • blue and green food coloring (coloring of your choice)
  • paper plates
  • 3 bowls
  • Mod Podge
  • Clear gloss sealer
Step 1: Put about one cup of epsom salts into each bowl. Add ONE DROP of blue food coloring to one of the bowls and mix until evenly distributed. Add ONE DROP of green food coloring to another bowl and mix.
Step 2: Put the white epsom salts onto a paper plate and gently shake back and forth to get an even layer. Place your hand inside the jar.
Step 3: Use a paintbrush to coat the jar generously in Mod Podge. You want to use a generous amount, but not so much that it’s dripping off the jar. First paint around the bottom rim of the jar, then the body of the jar, then the top rim. (Notice that in the picture below there’s no Mod Podge on the rim. IGNORE that, just follow my instructions instead.)
Step 4: Starting at the bottom rim of the jar, roll in the epsom salts. Next roll the body of the jar and the top rim.
Step 5: Stand the jar up onto a separate paper plate and add some Mod Podge to the top lip of the jar. Sprinkle some epsom salts onto the lip.
Step 6: Repeat this process for each color. Allow each jar to dry for a few hours. Use a clean paintbrush to loosen and remove any salt that fell inside the jars and to gently knock off any excess on the outside of the jars.
Step 7: Spray with a clear gloss sealer. Let dry for about 20 minutes, repeat for a total of 3 coats.
NOTE:  They tried several different coatings over the salt (Mod Podge in three different types and a triple thick paint on gloss sealer) but the spray sealer works the best.

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