Sunday, February 19, 2012

IB#170: Teal Age of Innocence

Teal Innocence | Wedding Inspiration Board | Wedding Nouveau
Teal Innocence _ Color Palette _ Wedding Nouveau
Ola loves! Today's inspiration we have the mood for some teal! Huhu... So Teal is the dreamy color, perfect for the green lovers who loooooves a lil touch of blues in their theme. We found this palatte while day dreaming about Tiffany's & co (which bride doesn't)... Add a lil touch of greys and whites (perhaps ivory); and voila you get a lovely theme! (thanks Wedding Nouveau)

Mood: Day dreaming, Lovely, In between 2 colors
Season: Spring, Autumn, Winter
Colors: Teal, Gray and White
Photos: Credits All Images ©.  Top from L to R: :: Bed room photo by Domino Deco via Automatism :: teal wrist bow by Anna Inghardt :: cobble stone street photo by Shawna Herring; Feather headpiece by Bethany Lorelle :: Middle row :: teal telephone by ©moS; cupcake by Paula Hennig via here; Yin & Yang kittens by Leslie Ann O’Dell :: The End scrabble piece by Lola’s Room :: Bottom read :: Tiffany bag by Miranda Karkling and Jason Nicholls via C Star Events :: chair photo by Katya de Grunwald :: soup photo by Sandra Lane :: balloon photo via Brown Button ::

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