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Fab Fridays:10 Biggest Prewedding Mistakes in Wedding Planning

Hi loves! T.G.I.F! Its good to have Fab friday's back.  So for today's posting - we want to indulge you with the common mistakes most couples to-be's do when planning their wedding. Even the smartest, most on-top-of-things couple can also make mistakes during these crucial times if not planned well from the beginning. Here are the 10 things you should keep an eye on before saying I do.

1. Blowing off your wedding budget.

For the fact we all know it costs a lot of money to throw a wedding. Many times, excited brides start booking vendors and making purchases without having a real budget and then are shocked to discover they've already spent all of their money (or parents' money) and don't yet have half the things they need. Brides to be; take note: if you bounce checks or don't have the money to pay your deposits or make your final payments on the wedding day, your wedding will not happen. Most type vendors such as the band, makeup artiste etc is not going to perform if you don't pay. Planning a wedding is serious business. Make a budget and keep track of your expenditures so you won't be walking naked down the aisle.

2. Messing up the marriage license.

There are so many rules surrounding marriage licenses. For instance, some countries or states require couples to apply their licence 60days before their wedding date and there are places that allows 3 months for the pre-wedding license. So, ensure you find out all the Wedding Registry information on how to obtain your license and make sure you allow time for lastminute emergencies. A common mess-up would be not able to complete all necessary steps to apply for the license therefore cost them to postphone or cancel their wedding!

3. Ordering your wedding dress too late.

Wedding attire is the most vital importance of a wedding. So, if your heart is set on a couture wedding dress, be sure to order that gown by the six-month mark since your dress will mostly likely be customed-made and, there will be many many times, it will need further alteration and fittings. In addition, even most off-the-rack wedding dresses also require alterations (not as much as the custom-made), however make certain that you have enough time to get the gown fitted properly. Never over-estimate your wedding designer or tailor as you should leave plenty of time for shipping and for the fittings. And this is the same goes for the bridesmaid dresses.

4. Inviting too many wedding guests.

The number of the guest list determines one's wedding budget. Make sure your guest list and your reception site capacity match up numbers-wise. Never invite 400 people assuming only 250 will accept, because if you end up with more guests on your door (say 300 acceptances), how are you going to turn them away out of courtesy? And how about the food? the favors? For some wedding venues, adding 10 more tables is definitely a NO NO. Be ensure, you analyze your guest list from the get-go, assume 80% will respond yes, and limit your guest list accordingly.

5. Booking hotel rooms too late.

Too often so many couples to be will leave blocking out hotel rooms for out-of-town wedding guests until the very last minute. Take note on which season your wedding will be held. If you're marrying during a busy time and you don't investigate hotel availability in advance, you may end up with literally not a single room for your guests to stay or a distant hotel from the reception place. And this will cause the arise of new issues such as transportation, directions etc etc. Do reserve rooms as early as possible. Start your research up to a year in advance, and make sure your block is booked at the eight-month mark. Be sure to include hotel information (accomodation options for guests) in your save-the-date cards or invitations. This doesn't mean you will have to pay for the rooms, you are just setting them aside -- and guests may able to contact you if they need help in making booking arrangments.

6. Partaking in last-minute beauty treatments and crash diets.

We know so many brides think that scheduling a facial the day before the wedding will leave their skin looking angelic on their big days. Thinking of tanning the day before your wedding? Think again: you may have the possiblity end up with blisters instead of sun-kissed skin. Why? Cos' last-minute beauty treatments can lead to breakouts, mistakes or, even worse, serious infections. Not everyone has the peachy skin. Not every bride has the perfect skin. Likewise same goes for crash dieting in the weeks leading up to the wedding -- after all those gown fittings, your dress may not fit! It is best to stick to a long-term beauty regimen with lots of rest, a good diet, regular excersice and safe over-the-counter beauty products like sunless tanners. Save the heavy-duty beauty treatments for at least two weeks before the big day and you could risk ruining all the hard work you've done to make your wedding -- and your photos -- perfect. So, dont put your health and happiness at risk for the most important day of your life!

7. Underpaying invitation postage.

Regular stamps vs courier invites. Which one would do its job best? For those Cost-conscious brides, sticking  a regular stamp on their invites and drop the whole batch into a mailbox seems more cost effective. But, stop there. Do you know there is additional postage required for wedding invitations? First, find out what the exact costs like. The postal service will not take pity on you -- your invites wont be returned, rubber-stamped with that ugly "insufficient postage" sign, and it will take at least three weeks (never mind the additional $$) to get those invitations back out the door. So if you decide to mail the guests, just make sure to get one invitation weighed -- at the post office -- before purchasing your stamps. Other cons for taking the regular mail? Slow invite arrivals, MIA cards, none returned if sender not found and usually takes up to at least 2 weeks to get it to guest, returned and rsvp-ed! If you have bigger postage budget; we suggest using courier, which is a lil bit pricey, but they worked faster efficiently and will take half the time of the usual snail mail.

8. Ignoring religious or traditional restrictions.

To some families, these two factors are amongst the most MUST Consider-do list. Just make sure,  always do your homework on your & fiance's family background traditions that they normally adhere to. Imagine inappropriate attire for the church or mosque, or skipping some blessing ceremony (tea ceremony, merenjis etc) may get you guys in trouble. Always take your religious restrictions seriously. Ensure you also advise guests on attire & your wedding programme to avoid any lastminute havocs. To avoid any day-of disasters, be sure to meet with your officiant or religious family member within few months  prior to the event. Be sure to ask them about religious rules, any specific ceremony and other traditional restrictions that you should know.

9. Trying to go it alone.

If you are a bride lucky enough to have been offered help by friends or family members, by all means TAKE IT! Yes. This is the time that you need all the help you can get. Too many brides try to do it all by themselves-- (whether they refuse or they find it impossible to ask for some assistance) and this isn't a good idea. Do delegate and use all the resources that are available to you. When people offer to assist you -- like your mom, your future mother-in-law, or your best friend -- find something for them to do, like researching a vendor or addressing invitations. Also do take note: just because they are helping doesnt mean you are obligated to use their idea or suggested vendor. Remember, its your wedding and you dictate how you'd like your wedding to be. (In the case of Asian weddings; the person who comes out with the BIG FAT CHEQUE gets to decide most of the weddings decision :) )On that note, it's important to keep in mind that these volunteers are not hired help -- be sure that you accept their contributions graciously.

10. Forgetting to focus on what's important.

Keep in mind that you are getting married and starting a life together, not just planning a wedding. So couples to be; always remember not to let the wedding planning & preparation stress get to you. Brides, be good to your grooms. And grooms, be good to your brides! If there is some tension arise between the two of you (and among members of your family) is inevitable due to the sticky topics that weddings stir up, but never let things out of control. If so, find ways to resolve them, sit down discuss like adults and go back to main objective for what this wedding is for. Remember why you decided to take this leap in the first place! Happy planning :)

"Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. The consciousness of loving and being loved brings a warmth and richness to life that nothing else can bring."
- Oscar Wilde
Credits: Adapted & Intrepreted from The Knot

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