Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Creatives Tuesdays: DIY Milk Vases

Wowweeeeww...who here adores milk glass pls raise your hand? Whats not to resist - there’s something so sweet about them and yet they give aways the most vintage and lovely of looks even in clusters. Yet, real vintage milk glass is usually quite hard to find and not forgetting they're pretty expensive too! (Reported Etsy selling genuine milk glass for $20-$40 a piece) So today, us at Creatives (Credits to Hey Gorg) want to give you DIY brides a lil treat ---   Why not DIY your own? We want quality stuff but why pay big bucks for something you can DIY for less cost? C'mon lets get some hands on stuff below :)
Things you need: Glasses or vases, newspapers, Krylon white satin spray pain, hairdryer (if you want to dry em fast), glass cleaner.

First, started looking for various glasses and vases in different sizes that had unique textures. Most glasswares or home decor stores has em' all. (Look into SSF, JJ, Kaison etc) You can either buy the expensive ones or get the less quality glass ones (which can cost u less than RM10) or even used old bottles or glass containers..
Then, using lots of newspaper, set up your workstation and use Krylon white satin spray paint (ensure you  fastest dry) to apply 2-4 coats of paint on each piece for a solid white and shiny finish.
See, its actually not that difficult to do right?  Infact there's one fancy wine glass of some sort that we like from above. The detailing on it is so pretty and the scalloped edges are amazing. Make sure you get extra careful not to spray too close to the glass though because if not there will be a few drips of paint on some of the skinnier and taller pieces (like the stems). You may also use some extra coats on the green glass goblet if they take a while to fully cover up.
If you used 'fastest dry', you may allow all the glasses to dry for about 30 minutes to an hour before removing them and filling with water. Or perhaps dry em with hairdryer or overnight to ensure all paint coats are safely dry. Then, after dry pick soe fresh purple, pale green and pink hydrangeas and put them in each of the vases created a cluster centerpiece of sorts. Lovely right?
Adapted & Interpreted by Hey Gorg

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