Tuesday, January 17, 2012

IB#149: Vintage & Butter

Ola loves. Today we're feeling' abit of Yellow fever with a lil bit of outdoor mode. We chose Vanilla or buttery yellow as the theme for a sweet morning ceremony followed by an outdoor brunch. Moreover, you can also incorporate vintage elements to add a sweet touch, as well as to help save money for your wedding event. Do stick to a simple color palette to create a cohesive look. Isnt this perfect for a nice summery wedding?

Mood: vintage garden charm
Season: Spring, Summer
Colors: butter yellow, vanilla, white, milk glass, garden green
Photos: Credits :: Top row from left: stamped gift tags from Linda & Harriett :: dahlias in milk glass from Martha Stewart Weddings :: dress from Vintage Dress :: hanging fabric photo by Adrienne Page :: Row 2: bridesmaid via {frolic!}:: rose earrings from Out of the Blue :: mimosas from Martha Stewart :: custom bow tie by xo elle via Casando Ideias :: Row 3: scones from Martha Stewart :: garden gate via Peach & Pearl, bouquet and horsehair hat both from Martha Stewart Weddings :: Row 4: roses in milk glass photo by Punam Bean, crossword puzzle, coconut cake, and ribbons all from Martha Stewart Weddings ::

**Additional Tips

The Paper: Take a cue from Linda & Harriett, or you can create your own invitations with rubber stamps – Also you can use that same rubber stamp to continue your motif throughout the wedding, on cocktail napkins, thank you notes, you name it.
The Fashion: Choose a beautiful skirt and top for your bridesmaids, and they’ll appreciate having separates that they might actually wear again.
The Decor: Instead of one sheet of fabric for a photobooth backdrop, hang several panels of fabric from a large tree – either for photos, or just for visual interest. Or perhaps you may rent simple white linens – (often the cheapest option) and work with the simple yellow and white color scheme.
The Flowers: If you have a wholesale flower market nearby, pick up a variety of flowers in the same pale yellow. Arrange them in mismatched milk glass containers. Have a floral designer create a small bouquet for you – cutting down the size can cut the cost in half, and allow you to include pricier blooms.

Other Details: Vintage cream-colored rose earrings are the perfect accessory for the bride. Also you can embellish your bouquet with vintage ribbon – a yard of pricier ribbon won’t break the bank, and Etsy is a great place to look for cheaper options.

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