Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Creatives Tuesdays: DIY Chiffon & Tulle Flowers

Hello loves! We're so excited we're back for our usual Creatives Tuesdays! and we got moooore new stuff to share with you guys! And today we want to feature these gorgeous DIY Chiffon and Tulle flowers from Project WeddingOh my they are absolutely beautiful and imagine there are so many creative ways you can use them for! Imagine them on wedding decor, centrepieces, favors for guests, or perhaps as accesory to the bridesmaids in a ribbon belt, hair pins or even sew them onto a shirt!  Checkout how to make em' below
Supplies You need: Fabric (in your favorite color!) - Chiffon or Tulle, paper, pen, glass beads, scissors, pins, needles and thread, plain hair clip or ribbon for belt.
First: Free hand a rose petal shape and cut out. You can trace a few so you have a backup pattern.
Second:  Fold your Chiffon into a square a little larger than the pattern. Pin the paper pattern to the material and cut around. You'll want to keep cutting layers so you can make a full flower. To make this flower they used 26 pieces of the chiffon. 
Third:  Stack fabric cutouts alternating so it gives a layered look. Use a needle and thread to secure them together in the middle. Then pinch together the bottom of the flower and secure with more stitches. This will create volume and give the flower a rounder shape.
Photo credit: All photos are via Olivia Kanaley for Project Wedding
Final step: Sew some decorative glass beads in the center. You can then attach your flower to fabric, hair pin, belt, etc. 

Credits, adapted & interpreted from Sugar and Charm

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