Friday, December 9, 2011

IB#129: Tiffany blue & Tangerine for Love

Hi loves! we're back after a whirlwind week! (all smiles) we're glad & grateful everything turned out okay and most importantly our loves ones are safe again! So today, we're in the mood of the color blue, the color of calmess & serenity. This inspire board we credit to Snippet & Ink based on their arrangement with Beau Coup favor inspirations. Quite pretty & peaceful inspiration; with their fabulous mini teapot perfected for this sweetly sophisticate orange and blue tea party. Perhaps this idea also works awesome for an intimate tea party wedding reception too. On the other hand, incorporating these lovely blooms and citrus fruits (all of the flowers here were done by Ariella Chezar), they add up these lil charming blue and cream details, and of course a darling little teapot for a favor.

Mood: sweet afternoon tea, peaceful, serenity & calm, lovely tea time
Season: Spring, winter
Colors: tangerine, Tiffany blue, cream, eggshell, antique white, cornsilk, powder blue, skyblue
Photos: Image source Snippet & ink :: Credits Top row from left: centerpiece flowers by Ariella Chezar :: wedding gown by Jenny Lee via Martha Stewart Weddings :: bride & groom photo by Myrtle & Marjoram :: Row 2: cake and bouquet via Martha Stewart Weddings :: Row 3: wish box from Martha Stewart Weddings :: teapot favor from Beau-Coup :: child’s dress :: Row 4: bouquet by Ariella Chezar :: ring pillow from Martha Stewart Weddings :: card by Carrot & Stick Press, teacups ::

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