Friday, December 23, 2011

*Special**Fancy Treats: DIY Gingerbread Tree

Hello pumpkins! Its such a fabulous time of the year and im sure many of you-s are busy busy in the kitchen or perhaps in the decorating mode! This time of the year, with the looooves around us, we decide to share with you this unique yet marvellous bake... A homemade gingerbread tree! Thanks to Sugar & Charmed for this awesome idea. Here, they followed their gingerbread recipe from last year. Personally we think this s would be a brilliant centerpiece for christmas eve dinner dessert table. Moreover, the tree fills the house with more delightful and cheery scent! Imagine what you can do next -- heart shaped cookies tree.. or even variety shapes/sizes tree... oooh.. the skies of creativity is all yours :). Read below for directions
Use this recipe to make the gingerbread

First, roll and use the star cut-outs to make the shapes. Usually there is a chart inside the cookie-cutter package that tells you exactly how many cookies to make, 19 cookies in total, but we ended up only using 16
Next, follow the icing recipe (below) and then put half of it into a bowl and the other half into a piping bag or bottle
Then, outline and then fill in the entire cookie with icing... repeat with every cookie. You may also indulge in your creativity by adding color icing :)
Finally, stack from largest to smallest, alternating the points of the stars. Sprinkle with powdered sugar! Voila!

Icing recipe
4 cups powdered sugar
3 tablespoon meringue powder 
8 tablespoons warm water

With the whisk attachment, beat all of the ingredients for about 5-10 minutes, until the frosting is fluffy and thick. (You may add permitted coloring to make the color you seek)

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