Thursday, December 15, 2011

IB#134: Love & gratitude

Hi Loves! Its been a rainy day & wet aftenoons all week! Since its monsoon December and we're in the holiday mode -- lets give some prayers & be gratitude of our lives. Well.. perhaps cos we are all in  new 'change' mode we got going on here in SA...So this inspiration board is perfect! To celebrate our Thank Yous to all our family, fans, friends & aquaintance who've supported us in every way. We appreciate & are ever grateful of each one of you! With this board we speaks our love, a lil touch of  comfortingness but refined.  In addition the hints of wheat in the decor and boutonnieres make it extra special. 

Mood: Gratitude, kindness, grateful & appreciation, comfy love
Season: Autumn, winter
Colors: wheat, burlap, linen, cornsilk, antique white, vanilla, camel, lion, tan, earth yellow, fallow
Photos: Courtesy Postcards & Pretties :: Left to right :: Champagne, photography by michael & anna costa :: burlap programs photography by katelyn james :: wheat crown and gold utensils photography via jose villa :: Cornucopia via martha stewart :: wheat boutonniere, courtesy via instyle weddings ::  rose cake, baked by i am baker :: apple galette via country living :: bouquet, arrangement via aaron delesie ::  veil by emilliner bride :: thank you by louisa marion photography ::

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