Friday, December 23, 2011

Fab Fridays: 5 Budget brilliant Ideas (With Style)

butterflies decorating white tiered wedding cakeHelo helo sweeties! Yay! We looooove fabulous fridays with more more inspirationss! So, today (Credit Wedbits) we found a briliant 5 quick tips for your wedding without stretching your wedding budget and the best part is - without compromising on your style! let's look below..

1. DIY Cake Decor
Buy a  plain tiered cake in white  and decorate it yourself.  Its amazing so much your can do on plain white cake. The skies the limit. You can do this with ribbons or try this Butterfly cake decoration set which gives a very professional finish. Example this gorgeous tiered cake from Marks & Spencer would be a good choice, fruit cake covered with marzipan and butter add up with fresh flowers & voila! you get a lovely cake! And of course, there’s nothing to stop you or a clever friend/relative from baking a cake yourself!
Beginner's warning: Be sure to do trials on other cake first prior decorating or get guidance of the expert.

pearl buckle shoe clips

2. Accesorise the Feet
Who says accesories has to cost a bundle? Its the simple things that makes it elegant! Jazz up a simple pair of court shoes with some eyecatching shoe clips. Example the above Pearl buckle shoe clips from  Rachel Simpson shoes.  They're quite classy & look sophisticated.

large crinkle fuchsia chiffon flower
3. Color the ladies.
So you will be wearing all white, the decors will be mostly white, and what else can you do to work up more color in a wedding yet you'd like to be subtle? Add some colour accent or interest to a plain bridesmaid’s dress! Big  fabric flowers seem to be a trend these days. Add these crinkle chiffon flowers from Dessy to the dresses and sure there will be turning heads! 

Green carnation flower pomander
4. Decor em up
Awhile ago we have this post on Carnation Back with Vengenace on on our Trend Alert! and Creatives Tuesdays inspirations on making Carnation wedding pomanders  for your bridesmaids to carry and to decorate your wedding reception venue.  They’re easy to to make and DIY with full instructions here. Good part is these carnation blooms are available all year long and they're variety in colors (pink, red or purple, orange etc) Also, why not consider the classic rosebuds for the guests table decor?

wrapping paper table runner
Image credit table runner via Martha Stewart weddings

5. Wrap the table
This is another brilliant idea inspired by Martha Stewart Weddings website. Who knows, decorate your guests table can be fun fun fun! Make your wedding unique by decorating tables or table runners with wrapping papers. Perhaps you can use wallpaper for that matter.  We find it impreesive as its another imaginative way to add a stylish and individual touch to your wedding reception tables and of course, you can match just about any colour you want.

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