Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Creatives Tuesdays: DIY Lace Doily Coaster

Ola lovelies! We're so psyched! Creatives tuesdays has returned & we got so many DIY stuffs to share!..
This week we want to feature these Lace doily coasters - a perfect yet sweet sentiment for house decor, a wedding decor or even parties! They feel sort of fresh like summer, and line-dried linens too! What amaze us is they dont have to be so grand - simple yet lovely!

So here you go..

And who say they're difficult to make?

You'll need:
8 pcs of 5" squares of muslin, or white cotton
4 pcs -4" squares of batting
and 4 pcs -13" lengths of lace

First, press the edges of your squares under 1/2"
Then, lay your batting inside four of the sqaures:
After, place the other four squares on top, pin, and stitch around the edges in two rows.
Starting in the middle, spiral your lace around and around, with the bottom of each row tucked under the tops of the row before it. Then,stitch on in a spiral pattern, so there are no edges popping up.

Image of Back view

Then, when its done - wrap them up in a pretty ribbon :) Moreover instead making as coaster, they can also be perfect for table placements (enlarge the sizes), or even used as Hanging String Doilies like our previous DIY project . Good thing is creativity is the sky... so lets get fun!

Note: The cheater's guide would tell you that if you use 4" felt squares instead of cotton, it would probably be just as cute, but without that terrible pressing, and matching of sides. (In case you find that kind of thing tedious! :o))

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